Monday, September 8, 2014

I Dream Of Ashley...

Jessica, Miss June 2014
I came back to writing for this blog because of one single catalyst, and you've seen me mention her before - none other than Miss June, Jessica Ashley. The thing is, I've been waiting for years and venting my frustration about the lack of real talent in the Playmate world. I mean, it's been four years since our last duo of "A+" Hall of Famers, Amy Leigh Andrews and Bethanie Badertscher, hit the stage.

In those four years, we've had a wide plethora of different posing styles, bodies of all shapes and sizes, and for the most part, some really shoddy pictorials. Of some less-than-deserving Playmates. Sure, there have obviously been A-caliber highlights like Shelby Chesnes or Tiffany Toth, but even those ladies weren't seminal models that we can put up there with the best of the best.

That is, until I saw Miss June 2014. Some may say that she still lays as victim to the horrible turn that Playboy photography has taken in recent years. To that I say "okay, you've got a point." But I think what we have with Jessica is a model who can rise above and beyond any photo set that's been dealt to her. That's a rare trait in this day and age, where the photos make the model. Here, it's quite the other way around.

First and foremost about Jess, I need to address her body. Ok, I don't just want to address it. I want to dive right into it, feel it, touch it. Jessica's body is simply perfection, a master stroke, hall of fame material. It is a simply wonderful balance of curvature mixed with rock-hard precision, with the right amount of delicate femininity to tie it all together. She reminds me a bit of the great Jo Garcia, but filled in and a bit more complete.

But truly, I could go on forever about Jessica's amazing looks. Her decently tall size (5' 9") has a good bit of volume at 130 lbs, and you see how every pound goes to all the right spots. Her upper frame is sharp and slim and womanly, while not being overly skinny, her shoulders tapering just enough. Her posture is sublime. It leads you into some breasts which are just picture-perfect, not large by any means, but looking lively and rewarding to the touch.

Then come the abs. I could write a whole ode to Jessica's abs. In some photos, a single splitting line goes straight down Jess's belly, forming an intriguing trail to her nether regions. Her tight core is anchored by a gorgeously curved back. I mean, you can't even paint proportions more perfect than this. The coup de grace after all this is her lengthy, perfectly thick legs that often nestle into some accentuating stilettos that allow you to indulge in her lines.
PBC Hall of Famer
Jessica Ashley

So you see, I'm a little obsessed with Jess's body. It's a masterpiece. Some would also complain about her material, but I'd say that some photos nicely capture the tone and balance of her tanned body - and isn't that really the whole point here? We're not talking about a course in nude photography, but we don't get a bunch of total duds, by any means. There are some nice themes throughout that carry her well.

  • Face: A
    Jess is an awfully pretty girl, with youthful enthusiasm permeating every single photo. She doesn't have a particularly distinctive face that would carry her otherwise, but when complemented by her spectacle of a body, she's perky and pleasurable. Sometimes she'll hit on all cylinders with a foxy stare that positively melts, and aims that sexual presence with lots of precision.
  • Body: A+
    What can I write that I haven't already? I'm drooling over this woman's proportions. In my mind, Jessica's body harkens back to the big names of recent years - the best body since Amy Leigh Andrews, but looking more like CGOY Jo Garcia than more of the voluptuous Playmates of yore. This is a body that someone of any preference could love, an ass man, leg man, yes even a breast man. She's ample enough in proportions, but so naturally so that she excites at every look. 
  • Talent: A+
    Not sold yet? Let Jess turn around towards the window, arch that back, and get on her toes. She exposes that scintillating line down her spine that creeps down into her ass crack. Still not convinced? Let her lay down, giving you a little stare and running her fingers down to her steely abs. Sure, she's got the weapon that is her physique at her disposal. But don't let that cloud the idea that Miss Ashley is one dynamite model. She works it when she wants, pulls back when she needs, and offers a physical rhythm that few can pull off. A-plus with a bullet.
  • Pictorial: A-
    Where the controversy starts is with this pictorial. Some have ranted that this doesn't hold up to any standard at all, and I wouldn't beg to differ all that much. It's not great, the subject is. But the pictorial set does a fine job at times of getting out of Jessica's way. It doesn't try too hard to accent a great centerpiece, which is just fine. Is there some silly costuming and a lack of imagination and focus? Of course, this is 2014 Playboy. We should expect that by now.
  • Centerfold: B+
    A bit of an odd choice for a photo and a pose. I would have loved to see a full size frontal with a rippling shot of those abs and that cute little pubic notch near her pussy. That'd do wonders.
  • Overall: A+
    So here's the inevitable conclusion: Jessica becomes the first girl to join my Hall of Fame in four years, and the first Playmate since 2010's Amy Leigh Andrews to make the A+ cut.

    There have been many, many Playboy models in the past four years, but Jess has what is obviously the best balance of looks, physique, and talent that I've seen in that timeframe. Some may have come close, but Jess has impacted me in ways no one has in quite some time. She's nuanced and sexual, and always exciting. My obvious favorite for PMOY, she will be tough to beat indeed, even given Playboy's seeming re-awakening following some miserable entrants.
It's especially impactful to see a girl like this in what's been an abysmal showing for Playboy in past years. Hope to see WAY more of this in the near future, and it's looking good already with Emily Agnes!

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Anonymous said...

I havn't looked at your blog for a while, but i needed to look up if you're still writing after I saw Ashley. When I first saw her, I knew she was an all-timer, and I was curious about your opinion. I'm glad you love her too, I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. She's a no brainer PMOY for me.