Friday, October 12, 2007

Like a Dream

I would normally wait for a girl's entire pictorial to come in before talking about her pictorials, but let me tell you, Playboy's found a real winner here that I can't wait to get out to you. Jo Garcia was recently named the October 2007 Cyber Girl of the Month, and I anticipated it from the get go. But I never could have understood just how stunning Miss Garcia is when she's given a chance to shine and blossom.

As a CGOM, Jo is magnificent. She's got two pictorials out already, and those are enough to drool over. They're absolutely perfect in a year lacking many good CGOY candidates. Besides Kortnie O'Connor, who I gave rave reviews, there's been little else to get me excited about the nomination of an annual winner. It took them seven more months, but they've found her.

In her first pictorial, titled "Savvy," Jo's body is immediately bronzed and eye-catching. Jo just looks incredible naked, plain and simple. But it's not just her DD natural breasts or sexy long legs that do it... it's mostly her attitude. Jo hits you with a relentless onslaught of sexuality, like in this photo, where her legs part and the sex just oozes. In her videos, Jo is even more amazing, flashing a stare that's tough not to melt over. The looks that she shoots towards the camera with her naughty eyes are the stuff of legends, and shots like this doggy style number are reasons for setting Jo in the upper echelon of Cyber Girls.

Still, I didn't get an impression of Jo's greatness until I looked at her second pictorial, "Daydream." This really does on a number on any fan. It's completely lit with natural light, and Jo is amazingly beautiful in each and every shot. Jo begins with a gorgeous, simple lacy lingerie outfit, with the natural lighting already showing off her luscious skin tone. She temptingly takes each layer off, stretching her body and showing the smoothness with which she flows. Jo's long legs and great height show in this photo, where her 5'7" frame comes in handy. George Georgiou's legendary photography adds to the sensuality of this pictorial, where every shot is brilliant, including this emotional one. All throughout, Jo's body is the fixation of the pictorial, and this laying down shot is magnified by looking between her lovely legs.

If you haven't seen the entire pictorial yet, check out "Daydream." It's one of the most impressive pictorials that Playboy has ever published. In fact, Jo is one of the most flawless women to appear in Playboy for months, maybe even years. I absolutely cannot wait to see what else she pulls out for the rest of this month, almost as much as I couldn't wait to give Jo a rating. She's certainly my choice for Cyber Girl of the Year so far, and unless Misses November and December are revolutionary beauties, Jo looks to be a major frontrunner. Sorry, Kortnie, but Jo just has a natural knack for posing in the nude. Absolutely amazing.

So without further ado... the only perfect score so far!

Consensus... A+ CERTIFIED HOT

Jo Garcia
Cyber Girl of the Month
Pictorials 1 & 2

October 2007

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