Friday, March 6, 2009

Best Cyber Girl of the Year Ever?

So here we are, on the cusp of the nomination of a new Cyber Girl of the Year, after the unveiling of the final installment of Jo Garcia's CGOY pictorial series. In recent years, the Cyber Girl of the Year winners have been given the most exposure of any girl in the Playboy realm, with monthly installments of well produced pictorial series for a year after their designations to the position.

So, there's the topic of Jo. Jo is still the only girl I've given an "A+" rating on my blog, after she absolutely floored me with her Cyber Girl of the Month entry way back when. Now, we've seen her entire repertoire unfold, and we have a question to answer: with all the hoopla and praise that's gone on for Jo within the past year or more, you have to wonder... how does she stack up against all the CGOY winners of the past? Arguably, there has never been a dud in the CGOY race, and all the girls have been deserving, so with these amazing gals, how did Jo do?

#7. Breann McGregor (2007)
Breann was a hit because of her incredibly smooth and photogenic body, pure and simple. I never thought she had the talent to truly cut it as CGOY, but she won in a year that was arguably the weakest CGOM lineup ever. Don't get me wrong, Breann is a phenomenally gorgeous girl, but she definitely did not have the talent to follow her five unbelievable predecessors. Still, her voluptuous body was very nicely caught by cameras, often milky and slick in her hum-drum pictorials.

#6. Alicia Burley (2004)
Alicia is a girl that I believe is the most surprising selection for CGOY there's ever been. The Cyber Girl Class of '03 had candidates like Heather McQuaid, Carmella DeCesare, Shamron Moore, and Tiffany Lang, all better choices. I hadn't even thought of Alicia, but I gave her a chance far after her nomination. What I saw surprised me, especially from her videos. Although I'm still unsure as to whether she deserved the win, Alicia's body and moves are spectacular in motion. Although her pictorials were always unimpressive to me, her look is completely different when she goes into motion. Her body is really something, a combination of Latina voluptuousness and a sort of slender sense of substantial height (although she is 5'4"). Just exotic enough to warrant another look, but Alicia is still an odd choice years later.

#5. Erika Michelle Barre (2002)
This is where things get interesting. The very first CGOY ever is an often forgotten model nowadays in the whole context of what's happened since then. Back then, Cyber Girls didn't get a whole lot of exposure or material, and were way in the back seat compared to the Playmates. How things have changed... if Erika was given the kind of pictorial series that's available to the girls today, she would be a real star. Take a look back and see Erika in all her glory, and you'll find a very, very unique model with a buxom body, a face with softly defined features, and a load of interesting posing talent. It was she who set the benchmark for the lengthy pictorial series that we have now, but if only she had that sort of stage, she would really have had a great run. Definitely worth revisiting.

#4. Merritt Cabal (2003)
Merritt took the precedent set by Erika and injected a lot of variety into the mix. Merritt was the kind of girl that was selected, and had a fanbase, but people didn't know what to expect from her. Would she show off a more defined look and a straightforward pictorial type? Instead, Merritt showed off her incredible versatility, with a large number of pictures showing off this mysterious model. Merritt is still tough to describe in words... she's not like most models, but yet she is generic enough for someone to have a tough time to choose something that really stands out about her. But that's a good thing with Merritt, whose talent was endless, and who brought a real sense of importance to the CGOY position. It's tough to describe her, but boy, is it incredible to look at her and her curvy body.

#3. Jo Garcia (2008)
This is where Jo belongs. Yes, we haven't had a lot of CGOY's, but they've all been amazing talents. Jo's ranking as #3 is very high and very well deserved when you consider the girls who made it to this level. We've seen Jo from week to week, and several things set her apart from the other CGOYs of the past, as well as pretty much any girl who's ever appeared in Playboy. The main thing is her sexuality. She has a sly sense of sexual presence that she really exudes throughout every single photo and video, thrusting her hips or pouting her lips. This much is true: Jo Garcia is the hardest working model we've seen Playboy produce in years. She puts each and every effort into everything she does, puts a little sweat into her posing and does some real active movement in every little thing she does. You can see it, you can almost feel her presence throughout. Not to mention, Jo's body is unique in her height and slim profile, while not sacrificing curves. She has the body of a runway model, and the sophistication of one, too. On top of that, she's got that overt sex appeal that is unabashed and uncontained. Jo, you were amazing, and certainly one of the most iconic Playboy models of our generation, if not of all-time.

#2. Monica Leigh (2006)
Monica is even more of an icon of modern Playboy than nearly anyone in recent memory. She is quite possibly the most prolific Playboy model ever, having produced enough material to peruse for hours on end. From the start of her stint as Cyber Girl, traversing the ranks and attaining the title of CGOY, to her appearance as a Playmate, Miss March 2006, Monica really is one of the "most seen" girls ever. Every single inch of her is documented, every possible look is captured. And with all of those photos and videos, one thing is certain: there's a reason for all this adoration. This New York beauty is exotic, stacked, and unbelievably sexy. Her face is the epitome of perfection, her body is just the right amount of curvy, with breasts and nipples that could make you lose your breath. She looks great in just about any costuming, and her videos are extraordinary. The thing that makes Monica great is that her look is timeless, but it isn't really too assuming in any way... like Merritt Cabal, Monica can be the face of the 'generic girl' very easily. She is an "everygirl," a sort of a girl next door, while also having the appearance of a Hollywood starlet. How does she create this female paradox? It's what makes her one of the most amazing girls in Playboy's history.

#1. Amy Sue Cooper (2005)
Amy Sue was an iconic Playboy girl, brought up in small town USA and with an exotic enough mix of Native American genes. She is about as American as apple pie, and audiences truly ate her up when she hit the scene with her CGOW pictorial in April of 2004. Back then, the relatively unassuming and noticeably budding star had much smaller breasts, but still had the innate talent and incomparable beauty that made her a superstar just a year later. That year made all the difference, with a one-of-a-kind campaign for the annual prize, complete with a CGOM pictorial set that set her competition into a tailspin and made her the unanimous winner. The heaps of praise that Amy's garnered since then come as no surprise-- Amy Sue, like several of the other Cyber Girl of the Year winners before and after her, is a true Playboy icon of the modern era. She took the art of the digital Playboy appearance and revolutionized it, and did so with that piercing gaze and a body that wouldn't quit. The result was constant magnetism with the camera and an unrelentingly fierce posing style that make her instantly recognizable in any model lineup. Her versatility was shown off in her excellent CGOY sets, with each pictorial ranging from the subtle to the sexy, giving off a sense of true professionalism that makes Amy Sue the greatest Cyber Girl of all-time.

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