Monday, May 11, 2009

Cyber World

A lot's been going on in the world of Cyber Girls, from top to bottom: there are plenty of developments in the CGOM world, with two new great runners for next year's CGOY title. Not to mention, we have crowned a new official Cyber Girl of the Month. And to top it all off, we've got a couple of extremely exciting candidates emerging as CGOWs, including this week's new emerging contender. So let's get started!

Let's start at the top... with Sharae Spears, who was recently crowned CGOY. If you look back to my rankings, you'll remember that Sharae was nowhere near the top for me, in fact, she came in at a measly #8, and for good reason. As I said, this was one of the stronger Cyber Girls years as of late, and the candidates were rife with talent. The pool was deep, and the top three were amazingly beautiful, with Tasha Nicole, Trina Marie, and Jia Lynn all being stellar candidates who could have put on breathtaking performances in their reign.

Who do we get instead?? Absolute mediocrity!! This has to be one of the biggest missteps Playboy has made in recent years, along with Dana Dicillo's snub earlier last year. One flub I can take, but SHARAE WINNING THE YEAR'S CROWN?!? This is just ridiculous. Sharae is pretty, but has nowhere near the kind of talent needed to deliver month after month on the big year's stage.

Aside from that, it looks like Playboy's changed to formatting for the way they're doing the CGOY feature. Gone are the days of Jo Garcia's prolific set of 12 months' pictorials, or Monica Leigh's breathtaking performance over the course of the year. Now, we got unprofessional, boring blog posts and shoddy material. Is that what the fans deserve? A girl we didn't vote for, giving us crappy material??

To put a positive spin on things, I can at least look forward to next year's CGOY. Yes, it might be early, but with this result, I can't help but look forward (HOW could they deny Tasha or Jia another shot??) First, we have last month's Cyber Girl 100 winner, Kaytee Bees.

Kaytee was my pick for CG 100, and although the candidates weren't really extraordinary in the first place, Kaytee really stuck out with her CGOW pictorial set. Kaytee did a great job with her CGOM pictorial sets, too, showing a bit of an edgier side than she'd previously shown. Kaytee is extremely busty, which surprised me because somehow I missed that big detail when I first looked her over. Also, Kaytee's cute face has soft features and is unique in a sort of exotic way, mainly in her eyes, which are extremely seductive when she focuses them and gives a squinty, quick look.

The bottom line with Kaytee is that she is a well-deserved winner as the 100th Cyber Girl of the Month, with an excellently curvaceous body that's overly extravagant with its curves. In fact, they can sometimes be a bit too much for the eye to behold, as Kaytee truly excels when the camerawork is made to subtly accentuate her body, without going too overboard. She's a definite Cyber Girl of the Year candidate for 2010, and her performance in her Week 4 videos may throw her over the top if enough fans take a good look at them. Kaytee is a very talented poser, and her strip teases are extremely engaging and active.

Consensus... B+

Kaytee Bees
Cyber Girl 100 Winner
Cyber Girl of the Month
April 2009

This month's girl, May's Carlie Christine, is also a real looker. She was my choice to emerge from her CGOW competition, and for plenty of reasons. Carlie had a sort of classical look to her, a quintessential bright-eyed Playmate who hearkens back to the 1960's, when the starlet-esque gaze was all the rage. Although Carlie's lost that production value a little bit with the transition over to CGOM, she still looks radiant in her photos. Carlie is a real natural beauty, and it's my hope that Playboy doesn't over-sexualize her and make her into a "porn star," and lose the luscious charm that she embraced so well as a CGOW. It's a little startling how much of that sparkle Carlie's lost in the transition already, and hopefully the photographers will bring that luster back in the next two weeks.

Getting all the way to the nitty-gritty of recent developments, let's take a look at a long-awaited Cyber Girl of the Week appearance, Hillary Fisher. Hillary has appeared in numerous Playboy Special Editions features, but fans always felt that she deserved a higher stage because of her great sense of professionalism and immaculate beauty. Well, that wait has come to an end, as Hillary has gotten her chance to shine on the big stage with her CGOW pictorial coming out today. The expectations were high, but the general fan consensus is that Hillary absolutely hit it out of the park.

Hillary looks so extraordinary in her pictorial, she absolutely floored me in it. The hard spotlighting upon her finely tanned skin looks breathtaking, and the photographers really did a great job with the production on her set.

And hey, a hot model doesn't hurt, either. Hillary has been a longtime fan favorite because of just how sexy her body is, and how positively radiant her face looks. Her body, a slim, petite, rock hard work of art, is tight and fit. And, it's curvy in all the right places. On top of that, Hillary has one of the most beautiful and dynamic faces you can find anywhere in Playboy. She's got a hundred different looks, and her infections, pearly white smile is to die for.

Ultimately, Hillary is one of the most exciting CGOW's to emerge since Lauren D'Marie. If you take into account Lauren's flop of a CGOM pictorial, then you could go all the way back to June 2008's Tasha Nicole for an equivalently exciting pictorial. Hillary, in my mind, is not just an early favorite for CGOM for her respective month, but for 2010's Cyber Girl of the Year nomination. If all goes well, Hillary could have a spectacular showing as CGOM, as long as Playboy doesn't stray from the formula that makes her spectacular. If all of that goes well, we could be witnessing the ascent of one of the great Cyber Girls of all-time.

Too early? Hey, after Sharae's win, I've got to keep hope. Perhaps it's Hillary that will usher in the "return" of the Cyber Girl?

Consensus... A

Hillary Fisher
Cyber Girl of the Week


Silvio said...

Sorry but I am not exciting this year with the Cybergirls, we are in may and I still didn´t see one that I've really liked at all. And what can I say about Sharae? She´s not my type of girl, she´s not a beautiful woman... come on, she sucks! I don´t know how could she become CGOY, it's one of the most mistakes by Playboy in years and years! I love Hillary since NSS and for me she must to be a playmate. Actually she's better than some playmates.

Anonymous said...

Just when are you going to announce your all time #1 Playmate? It just keep getting pushed out further and further...boggles the mind. Just announce it and be done with this series of yours?

PlayboyCritic said...

Sorry about the delay with the #1 Playmate... it's just been on the back burner for me, since new Playmates and news pops up that's more time-sensitive all the time, and I haven't been blogging with the frequency I had before. But not to worry, it'll come in due time!


Silvio said...

I guess your #1 playmate is Karen McDougal. Cause she's wonderful and still out of your Top'25.

Anonymous said...

Karen is my guess as well and she is as close to total perfection as you can find. Given that you have already mentioned her a few times as a good choice in the same breath with the others on your list, yet we still don't see her at all, it is only logical...

Anonymous said...

I think your #1 is Karen or "Barbara Moore". You always mention your affinity for miss decembers so it must be a december centerfold.

Luke said...

Hillary Fishher just won Miss Sunset Tan 2009. For september CGOM I want Hillary or beautiful petite knockout Markesa Yeager, another instant classic.