Monday, June 22, 2009

Sisterly Lust

Playboy is trying something this month that they've never done before, but it's not in the way you'd think. They're not trying to outdo themselves in any way... actually it's quite the contrary. They're downsizing. Blame it on the economy, or the lack of talent (I'll go with the former). The bottom line is, Playboy is consolidating the titles of Miss July and Miss August. Yes, the Playmate titles. They're giving them to two separate girls, but they happen to be twins. I believe the format will be a double issue for the two months, so we'll have to wait until September for the "next" Playmate in line.

At this point, many fans are saying "to hell with it." The idea of Playmate twins is starting to wear thin with some, especially after the debut of the Campbell twins last December. We thought the commemorative twins would close out the year, and that's the last we'd see of the gimmick in quite a while. Now, we've got twins taking up two entire issues! Let's just say, these ladies better live up to it.

The essence of what makes twins great in a pictorial is their chemistry, plain and simple. If we wanted to see two of the same girl, we'd grab a photocopier. With twins, we want to see some kinky fun. Obviously, the chemistry of sisters is different from the chemistry of two friends... it's going to be less sexual and more playful. They convey their sexuality through lighthearted physicality, but nothing that crosses that taboo barrier. So, in the history of Playboy magazine, who are the twins (or triplets) who did it best? Where are the upcoming Shannon twins going to fit into the mix? How about a ranking!

#6. The Campbell Twins (2008)
The young, spunky twins that closed out last year were undeniably the worst twins to appear in Playboy's pages. Jennifer and Natalie were a pair of cookie cutter copies of one another, with absolutely zero chemistry. In every photo, they seemed as if they just didn't want to be there, and were afraid of even coming near each other. That's an F in my book any day. Definitely not Playmate material.

#5. The Van Breeschooten Twins (1989)
Dutch twins Karin and Mirjam were cute, and that European charm carried them to a certain extent, but they simply did not have a whole lot of material. With seven very tame, very passive photos with little creativity whatsoever, it's the goods that make these Holland hotties a very forgettable duo.

#4. The Collinson Twins (1970)
Madeline and Marie Collinson were the very first Playmate twins, and they get a bunch of nostalgia points for that, without fail. But it's a bit more than that... their debut was done well, and with plenty of talent. They were absolutely adorable with those engaging eyes and that soft, mily skin. Times two. It was a concept never before seen, and it definitely got the point across. It's a problem that's been improved upon, but the Collinsons started it off right.

#3. The Dahm Triplets (2003)
Misses December 1998 gives you the impression that you're going to see a double feature. No one saw this as possible: the first Playmate triplets, Erica, Nicole, and Jaclyn. Obviously, what puts them at #3 is the fact that there's three of them. However, they also have identically sexy and well-built bodies. What are the odds of that? Three blonde goddesses that are exactly the same in terms of build. It's just a marvel on its own. Combine that with some very, very good posing and decent photography, and the Dahm sisters definitely knew how to leave an impression.

#2. The Teles Twins (2003)
This is a pair I never thought got the credit they deserve as excellent models. A pair of busty Brazilian twins might be every man's dream, and when Sarah and Deisy made their debut in December of '03, the hype wasn't what I'd expected. However, they delivered, and they delivered well. Their bodies were immaculate, their dispositions were sunny and cheerful, and every single photo was sexually charged to the bone. Great chemistry, and even greater rear ends! When you mix that up with a royal soap-down and a bit of clawing each others' clothing off, you have a recipe for brilliance, not to mention some exotic South American flair.

#1. The Bernola Twins (2000)
To commemorate the new millennium, Playboy introduced a set of twins that made their mark as perhaps the best twin Playmates ever. Carol and Darlene were a curvy, tanned duo of goddesses from Cali who really knew how to shake it. A pair of Latina twins is exactly what the flavor is in the atmosphere for every single photo. And when it all comes down to it, Carol and Darlene set the bar for chemistry in photos. They were wildly playful, and always complemented each other in their posing styles. Always trying something new, always being daring and adventurous. You had to admire their sexually charged photos while still staying tame and comfortable as sisters. You could feel the sisterly bond, something that you can't get out of two unrelated nude models. It was somethin to behold, not to mention that it produced one of the finest centerfolds in Playboy.

After all these fine ladies, how can two young ladies like Kristina and Karissa Shannon compete? Well, it's really surprising how well they're doing, in my eyes. They may not be the hottest girls ever, but they have that certain "it" factor, as I can see from their preview pictorial. They have a brilliant, hot chemistry that is truly engaging, and if their final product keeps up with their current momentum, they could seriously take off. This is a pair of girls who truly know how to interact... just see for yourself! (Fingers Crossed!!)


Silvio said...

I don't like twins, it's not sexy in my opinion. So I want september right now!

Luke said...

Hey, glad to see your finally back!

I agree with you completely about the Shannons. I got the issue the first day it came out at midnight because of all the hype of them being hefs girls etc. I got a chance to meet them and they were very sweet girls. Their pictorial in the magazine looked great, it was shot all over the mansion, think Christi Shake back in '02. I cant wait till the official pictorial is released, as you said, fingers crossed!! The centerfold is a remake of Cheryl Bachman in 1991 btw :p

Anonymous said...

Just when will you ever get to your #1 Playmate? In 2011?

Luke said...

Yea c'mon we wanna know your #1!!

Voje Bukacuda said...

the collinson twins
have been my favorite stars of Hammer films.

Voje Bukacuda said...

If you compare their voices in the collinson twins when they are talking to each other to the earlier film Come Back Peter the voices are similar- maybe they had voice lessons- but there is still the trace of a very attractive accent.By the way has anyone seen another film they were in called I Am A Groupie?