Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Legend In The Rough

Throughout every year, there is an ebb and flow when it comes to Playboy's leading ladies. Oftentimes, the Playmates and Cyber Girls are out of sync, with one race being completely devoid of decent candidates while the other is absolutely breathtaking and groundbreaking. It's never both at once, always one or the other.

2009 has been a wondrous year for Playmates. We've had girls like Dasha Astafieva, Jessica Burciaga, Hope Dworaczyk, and Candice Cassidy in the mix, all contributing to a stellar class. And it just looks like there's more excellent material to come, with sinewy, luscious redhead Kimberly Phillips, who looks extremely promising, and could be a true candidate for 2010's PMOY.

On the other hand, the race for Cyber Girl 2010 is not quite so nice. It's been a mixed-up, mashed-up race with disappointing entrants left and right. March's Lauren D'Marie was the first candidate with seeming potential, but she crashed and burned by deviating from her captivating CGOW look. Kaytee Bees, the Cyber Girl 100 winner, was not necessariily up to par with her billing, but was moderately cute. Carlie Christine lost every bit of luster she had in her cute CGOW pictorial. Cassie Keller picked things up, but is not a real, truly viable CGOY candidate.

So who stepped up to the plate? Well, in 2008's Girls of the Big Ten college girls pictorial, one girl really stood out to readers, and personally caught my eye, as well. I'm talking about Jamie Graham, who had a stunning series of two photos in that pictorial that were truly amazing. Even with only two photos, you could see that her body was just phenomenal up and down. Lo and behold, Jamie won some recognition with this showing, and is our July Cyber Girl of the Month.

Jamie is an honorable mention this year because she is not only the best Cyber Girl of 2009, but may well become one of the all-time legendary Cyber Girls. Everything comes together when you witness Jamie, her engaging posing style, her breathtaking posing talents, and you just cannot omit her nearly flawless, cut body.

Firstly, Jamie has an amazing sense for the camera. She plays into it and each and every shot counts when she gets in front of it. Much like eternal Cyber Girl greats like Amy Sue Cooper or Jo Garcia, Jamie has a true knack for posing in the nude. When she arches that back and lets it all spill out, her sexuality oozes and comes in heavy. It is relentless and stunning in every photo and video that she is in, and for such a seemingly low-key girl with her clothes on, she absolutely transforms when all the lingerie flutters off.

That's the most endearing thing about Jamie... the fact that she can absolutely transform before your eyes before she switches gears. Jamie can start out as a wholesome girl with parted, straight locks of hair and an innocent half-grin. Then, she can turn it all around by showing off a body that is second to none, with plump, full breasts, a wonderfully toned backside, and a flat, cut belly that just looks as hard as a rock when you view it. All that is combined with flawless, milky skin that masks a powerful and well-maintained fortress of femininity.

When it comes down to it, Jamie is by far the best we've seen this year, and may go down as the best model of the year when all is said and done. She might be the ultimate retribution for a poor CGOY choice for 2009 (Sharae Spears), and may go down as one of the great CGOY's of all time, taking her rightful place among greats like Jo, Merritt, and Amy Sue. Altogether, she has what it takes to go all the way -- the only thing in her way is competition that might come down the road later this year. If all goes normally, there will not be another girl who can replicate the sensuality and the absolute physical perfection that Jamie possesses. This girl is simply too hot to pass over... we might have a true star on our hands.

Jamie's Scorecard (click to enlarge)


Luke said...

As soon as I saw her in the mag (Girls of the Big 10), I knew istantly she'd go far. IMO nothing can compare to her CGOW shots. Her CGOM pictorial is mor focused on her curves and bod, so her face is second. But overall she is very cute, "girl next doorish". It all depends who wins CGOM September (Markeasa or Hillary) so I can make my final choice, but so far I have:

1)Jamie Graham
2)Cassie Keler
3)Kaytee Bees

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Jamie Graham is WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL to become Cyber Girl of the Year.

Since the beginning, the best candidate of each year has NEVER won!

I hope Jamie will break this "curse", though ;)

What's really sad is that the crown is usually bestowed upon some of the least attractive models: 6 out of 8 CGOYs have been nothing but huge disappointments...

Luke said...

@ Anonyomous-
Who did you want for each year?

Except for merrit and sharae Ive never had a problem with any, just wonderin...

Silvio said...

Jamie is like a girl from 60's. I don't like this type that much, so I truly hope she didn't became CGOY. And I know, I am the only one who didn't like her. Actually 2009 has been the worst year for cybergirl, with so many wrong choices. None of them are beautiful at all in my opinion.

Luke said...

Well, I think that maybe they have taken in any of the "worthy" cyber girls already. Theres a limit to how many hot girls there are, furthermore how many "worthy" girls decide to be cybergirl. Some use it a steppingstone for playmate, but yet there has only been 10 cyber girl-playmates. I can agree that the vyber girks are what they used to be, but the exact opposite can be said about playmates. Playmate selection has been at the top of its game, each girl can hold her own....