Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CGOY & PMOY '10 - The Race is On

Let's take a second to step back and take a look at how the races for PMOY and CGOY are transpiring so far. It's easy to see that they differ greatly in candidates and their quality, but both should be pretty intriguing given how good the top talent is and the potential for some amazing pictorials. I won't rank the ladies now - that's a job for the end of the year. However, I'll take a look at who's really carrying the torch and who the stragglers are.

The Race for Cyber Girl of the Year 2010

The Top (in no particular order)
  • Hillary Fisher
  • Jamie Graham
  • Cassie Keller
The Middle
  • Kaytee Bees
  • Carlie Christine
  • Netty Maj
The Bottom
  • Lauren D'Marie
  • Jennifer Lewis
  • Rebecca Lynn
For CGOY, the race is very top-heavy. You have some great talent and clear frontrunners in the last two months with Hillary and Jamie, but the rest are just a blob of unrecognizable talent. Cassie is a fan favorite not really because of her looks, but because of her unique posing talent and impeccable technique. Kaytee Bees was the Cyber Girl 100 winner and shows the most promise outside the top 2, but there is a noticeable talent gap between #2 and 3. The rest are just disappointments, the biggest of which was Lauren D'Marie, who followed up a gorgeous CGOW performance with a flat and very uninspired CGOM entry. The results are a very thin CG class going into the final three months.

The Race for Playmate of the Year 2010

The Top (in no particular order)
  • Dasha Astafieva
  • Jessica Burciaga
  • Kimberly Phillips
The Middle
  • Candice Cassidy
  • Hope Dworaczyk
  • Crystal McCahill
The Bottom
  • Jennifer Pershing
  • The Shannon Twins
On the Playmate side of things, everything is noticeably more of a level playing field. It's so deep, I can see anyone I ranked in 'the middle' winning it all for 2010. The top of the class is absolutely stellar: in separate years, Dasha, Jessica, and Kimberly would all win PMOY. But here, only one can win. Still, the talent runs deeper, with Candice Cassidy being a truly legitimate contender, and Hope being a possible fan favorite. The Shannon twins were an experiment gone wrong, and Jennifer Pershing is not even worth the mention. These, however, are minor blemishes in an otherwise deep and talent-rich class. It should be a brilliant ending, with the 55th Anniversary Playmate leading the charge.

So, what does everyone think? Are these categories close to the truth? Who do you think will come out on top down the stretch? Three months to go, and plenty more fun to come.


Luke said...

Good review. For cgoy I want Hillary. As fr PMOY, anyone could win and I would be equally as happy. But my favorite is Jessica Burciaga, followed closely by Hope Dworaczyk. However, you cant help but recognize girls like candice cassidy and crystal mccaill all with unique posing talents that bring their own charm to the table. PMOY 2010 I have a feeling will be like the year when jayde won when no one knew who won until the very very end, wich is a good thing cuz there is a bit of mystery to it, not like this year when I knew that ida got it in january and held my breath till may only to receive am issue with no ida on cover and only six pages inside, her playmate review special edition was fantastic tho........anyway JESSIE FOR PMOY!!

Silvio said...

It's hard this year to choose just one girl for PMOY. My pick is still Dasha for all that I already said about her here through all this year and it's not gonna change because I know that Kelley Thompson and Crytal Harris will be misses november/december. But I wouldn't mind if Jessica, Hope or Kimberly got it because they are really hot and beautiful women and there's no doubt that they can do it well. Now for CGOY it's easier to me cause till now I didn't really like a girl at all, so my pick is Hillary Fisher.

Silvio said...

I almost forgot to say that we have Candice Cassidy. I like her a lot but I don't think she deserves to be PMOY in a year with Dasha, Jessica, Hope and Kimberly but we can't forget that maybe she can be Hugh's choice. I don't know if I'm wrong but he seems to like how can I say... that "the farmer look girl", and Candice has that "thing" like Lisa Mathews, Corinna Harney, Brande Roderick, Dalene Kurtis and Sara Jean Underwood does. So for me it will be no surprise if Candice got it somewhow. But who know's.

Luke said...

HAHA silvio. Its not called "farmer's look girl", its "midwestern" type of beauty". Very simplistic, unprentious beauty from the heartland. Hugh is from the midwest (Chicago, by way of Nebraska), in fact many of pm have that midwestern vibe not only the blondes. To me that is the sexiest look; a very unsophisticated, humble, cute woman that is not fake and has her head in the right place and is i guess u can say "all american". I mean just look at all the greats like Karen McDougal, Carmella Decsare, Christina Santiago, Katie Lohman, Lindsay Wagner, Candice Cassidy, Crystl McCahill etc...Not to say that that is the only type of woman cuz theres the hot girls of the south, the pacific coast. The only ones that I dont get are the east coast girls. And thats bad cuz I live there. The east coast is just a bunch of metrolpis so its people that come from all over the world so thats why there is no specific type of "east coast" girl. Well anyway thats just me. To me I have a feeling Jessie will get PMOY. Thing is hefs girlfriends hate her and they 1/4 of the pm's this year so we will see.... JESSIE FOR PMOY!

Silvio said...

Hey Luke, I am not amercian so thanx for the class. :P

Luke said...