Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Love The 90's

The developing Class of 2010 is getting better and better by the day, after the appearance of Amy Leigh Andrews, one of my top rated Playmates in years. It seemed initially like last year's group of ladies would be very difficult to top, but this year, it looks like we have a great shot at an awesome Playmate of the Year when all is said and done. Jamie Edmondson kicked things off with a mature flair for talent, and Amy's well-rounded performance really set her up at the top of the heap. Kassie Logsdon offered a great little departure from the trend of voluptuous Playmates, as well. Could things get any better?

Well, they actually just did. This month, we get Katie Vernola, Miss June 2010. Katie's claim to fame is being the first ever Playmate to be born in the 1990's, at the fresh young age of 18. We haven't seen a girl this young in quite some time, and it doesn't come at a better time. Playboy's Playmate lineup is getting increasingly diverse and interesting by the day, and Katie comes in as a stunning and eye-opening entry.

Not only is Katie developed well beyond her age, but she has loads of talent. She may just match Amy Andrews in that department, being one of the most dynamic, sensual Playmates we've seen in a very long time. Katie's youthful charm is well utilized, being her greatest strength. Indeed, it would be upsetting if Playboy producers downplayed the age factor. This is, after all, what makes Katie tantalizingly cute, as her teenage status makes her an intriguing entry as Playmate. The juxtaposition of this young age with her extraordinary talents is the key to making her a success.

And surely they do that, with awesome precision. They initiate her pictorial with a flowy, rustic theme, almost reminiscent of Corinna Harney. Katie looks absolutely angelic in these photos, and unbelievably buxom. You can't deny that she looks far more mature than she is, especially when you look at her very voluptuous stature. I would want to point out Katie's biggest flaw, however, which is simply her body type. Her body just doesn't seem as chiseled and polished as someone like Amy Leigh, but most of the time that's just fine. The voluptuous look doesn't hurt her much, since it's almost astonishing to see such a young girl with such a full, womanly body.

The real meat and potatoes of the pictorial are her bedroom photos. It's the centerpiece of her performance, and she is absolutely breathtaking in them. When you see those engaging eyes and that tight little tank top, it just pulls you in. This photo is my favorite shot of her body, giving you a feel for her feminine innocence and pairing with great posture. Again, Playboy's production value is spot-on. Her skin is deliciously glowing, her face is made up with pure perfection, and the costuming is extraordinary. This shot of Katie offers a great view of her lying down, a classic shot that she executes with such precision. It's a photo like this that really conveys just how far beyond her years Katie is.

Katie's pure talent is undeniable. She strikes a wide variety of poses, never relenting or remaining passive. That's the real key to her performance. She can switch it up, looking coy and engaging, and then let her hair down, get on her knees, and strike with cat-like sexuality. And speaking of that hair - oh that hair! - it is unbelievably hot. The Playboy stylists have fluffed it up and made it almost tangible through photos. It sits on her face and gleams with color, beautifully complementing her soft skin tone.

Ultimately, Katie is intriguing because of her age, but it isn't just a gimmick. This isn't a "kid Playmate" who's not ready for the bigtime. If you see a sitting pose that looks this awesome, or a backside shot that conjures up some devilish thoughts, you can tell that Katie isn't your average teen nude model. She doesn't play the youth card, but instead gives it her all, sizing herself up against the very best Playboy has to offer. She can strike every single pose and execute to perfection, even trying an upside-downer to everyone's surprise. It's hard to define what it is about Katie, but you can't argue that she has an "it" factor that true stars all have.
  • Face: A Katie's face didn't intrigue me at first, but it is absolutely one of her best assets. Her eyes are engaging and deep, and her soft features and smile convey her youth subtly.
  • Body: B+ This is easily Katie's biggest weakness (and it is a bit of nitpicking), since it isn't as chiseled as most Playmates'. Still, she has some eye-popping features that really help her stand out from almost every angle.
  • Talent: A+ For an 18 year old girl, Katie sure knows how to play to the camera. She is a very dynamic poser, able to hit every pose in the book, and has a knack for knowing how a photo will turn out. She very well may be the best poser of 2010, when all is said and done.
  • Pictorial: A+ Katie's material plays wonderfully to her strengths, with the bedroom shots in particular showing off her body's finest features. The production is amazing, and she comes off outstandingly poised and mature, but still playful and young.
  • Centerfold: A Katie has the best centerfold since Ida Ljungqvist's in 2008. It's not overdone and very representative of Katie's style. The slinky, teasing thong is particularly attractive.
  • Overall: A Katie Vernola is a very memorable Playmate who definitely ups the ante for the race for 2011 Playmate of the Year. She has the most talent this year, and that's not a small feat, given the likes of Andrews and Edmondson. As I've mentioned, the melding of her youth with her buxom body and powerful sensuality is nothing short of amazing. Playboy did this with exquisite perfection, and it was all due to the caliber of the girl. Katie is a testament to how much talent can factor in to a great Playmate. At this age, it's incredible that she can do what she does, and it's hard to describe how great it is to look into her eyes in a photo and witness the emotion she can convey. I would gladly pencil her in at #2, just behind Amy Leigh Andrews, for the race for PMOY '11.


Silvio said...

Well, as I wrote last post: she is my pick for 2011 PMOY, but it can still be changed cause we have 6 girls coming up next months and then I'll tell you my top'3 (last year I was right cause Hope was in it, at 3rd). All I can say is that Katie is the most special and beautiful and talented and hot girl till now (my opinion). Wow! For me A+ with no doubt.

LEO said...

She's the first playmate to be younger than I am. I was born in august and she was born in october of 1991.

I absolutely loved katie. First her sweet nature. I loved her playmate jukebox videos. Her youthful, playful charm really shines through. She really is an extraordinary girl.

Her pictorial was brilliant. A beautiful summer playmate. Beautiful face, gorgeous natural-looking breasts (with the softest nipples) and curves to spare. You can tell she is keenly aware of her facial expressions. Her centerfold is so beautiful. It has that classic playboy mix of innocence and desire.

Its interesting you bring up Corinna, she was the youngest playmate of the years in history winning at only 18 years. If spencer had won in 2008 she would have beaten the record. Spencer is still the youngest playmate because she shot her centerfold 2 days after turning 18. If I remember correctly she was 17 in her preview. Katie Vernola shot her centerfold 2 months after turning 18.

As for her young age. You'd be surprised how many girls are as filled out as katie these days. As they say "20 is the new 30".