Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greatest Cyber Girl Bracket - 2nd Round Voting!

2nd Round, Part 1
Thanks to all for the votes in the opening round of the Greatest Cyber Girl tournament. All of the matchups were blowouts, maybe rightfully so. A short recap of the #8 vs #9 competition, and the girls who'll face the #1 overall seeds in the next round:

  • Daneille Gamba def. Tila Nguyen: The fans obviously liked the busty Miss Gamba over reality TV star "Tila Tequila," who achieved a lot after her CG career, but that still didn't help her clinch this one. Danielle will face a steep challenge in top seed Monica Leigh.
  • Tailor James def. Stephenie Flickinger: This one was a bit closer, but Tailor James, who was also a Playmate during her career, easily dispatched Stephenie. She moves on to face top seed Merritt Cabal, former CGOY.
  • Trina Marie def. Ines Alecsandra: A more current CG, Trina upset Ines as a bottom seed in her bracket section. She didn't get too much press during her CGOM reign, but now she goes up against a formidable foe in Idahoan beauty Amy Sue Cooper.
  • Dana Dicillo def. Rochelle Loewen: The bottom overall seed, Miss Dicillo made it look easy against Rochelle. Dana is the only CGOW in the competition, as she never got the respect of being the month's Cyber Girl. Now, she gets a chance to create a colossal upset against #1 Jo Garcia.

And now, for the real competition. We will open 1 1/2 weeks of voting on the first 8 matches of the round. Here are the competitions we see here:

  • #1 Leigh vs. #8 Gamba
    One of the most prolific Cyber Girls and Playmates of all-time, Monica Leigh will use her CGOY clout to try and crush upstart Danielle, who made it to this round in her play-in against Tila Nguyen in a blowout. Can she keep the momentum to create a major upset?
  • #4 Beyor vs. #5 Puente
    Two major fan favorites, Jillian and Melissa should create one of the closer matches in the tournament, and it would come as no surprise if either one made a deep run in the bracket. Miss Beyor is especially a major darkhorse as a #4 seed.
  • #2 Burley vs. #7 Whitehead
    One of the #2 seeded former CGOYs, Alicia faces off against Nicole, who has the distinction of also being a Playmate. In that sense, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see an upset here, as Nicole, less heralded as a CG, could prove a tough matchup.
  • #3 Hurt vs. #6 Campbell
    This is a big one to watch. Jennifer Hurt is easily one of the popular picks to go very deep, perhaps to win it all. She faces the sexual, raw Erica, who is a former SE Model of the Year. Jennifer is one of the most popular CG's in recent years, so perhaps it's time for redemption here.
  • #2 Barre vs. #7 Bass
    Erika, the very first CGOY, finds herself as a #2 seed facing an interesting competitor in Carolee, one of the classic Cyber Girls. Miss Bass could pull the upset with the help of some nostalgic fans who find her hardbody and straightforward style appealing.
  • #3 DeCesare vs. #6 LaRocca
    Here's a big one. Carmella is one of the most celebrated Cyber Girls, as well as a former Playmate. She has the goods to go a very long way, and definitely could beat the best of the best. Paula is one of the great and most underrated CG's of the past. Both have similar styles, so it could be tight.
  • #1 Garcia vs. #9 Dicillo
    Here, we have one of the highest overall seeds, and a CGOY, facing the lowest seed in the tournament, a girl who never made it past CGOW status. While Dana is one of the biggest snubs in Cyber Club history, it would be a tall order for her to beat one of the best and most talented posers in Playboy's history. Is anything possible?
  • #4 Badertscher vs. #5 McQuaid
    Bethanie is the most recent girl in the tournament field, while Heather is one of the Cyber Club classics with enduring appeal for many. This could be a very close one, and the girl who wins here ultimately could create some upsets down the road.
So there you are, the 16 girls who'll try and move on in the coming weeks. Let the real action begin! Start voting, folks!!


Nate said...

Is anybody else having issues with the picture viewer in the Cyber Club? It keeps seizing up my browser. Been having the problem for a couple of days.

Silvio said...

Hey PCC,

It seems that Claire Sinclair is 2011 PMOY. But it's not oficial YET.

Silvio said...

If it's true I'll be glad cause as I wrote here before she was my 2nd choice, 1st was Kyra Milan.

Silvio said...

Now it's official, dudes.
Claire Sinclair is 2011 PMOY.

For me she is a great choice not just because she was my 2nd choice but for bring us back all the 50's glam and pin-up girls with all the burlesque stuff. Congrats, Claire.

Nate said...

Epic fail. That makes three years in a row. Maybe one of these days one of the best looking PMOMs will actually win PMOY again.