Saturday, July 16, 2011

Taking The Lead

After a very lackluster start to the 2011 Playmate class, it's time that things start to turn around and we see some really solid talent. The ladies so far have been very disappointing - up until now, Jaclyn Swedberg is probably the strongest of the candidates for PMOY '12, but her grip is anything but steady. All of the girls have been flawed, particularly in the area of true, raw talent. No one so far has been able to make an impression quite like Amy Andrews or Katie Vernola were able to do with such ease last year.

Here we are in July, with 27 year old bombshell Jessa Hinton coming in as Playmate of the Month. Initially, I had some major reservations about Miss Hinton's entry into this already weak class. Jessa was featured as Cyber Girl of the Month prior to this appearance, and her seemingly one-dimensional style put me off quite a bit. Her preview pictorial did nothing to assuage my lack of confidence. However, with her pictorial, she's proven quite a bit indeed.

As a poser, Jessa is certainly helped by her excellent size (5'8") and body proportions. Her long, buxom frame photographs extremely well, and her hard, chiseled midsection is certainly nice to behold. Jessa's overall appearance is a bit darker and more sexually raw than other ladies we've seen this year. We've gotten used to seeing some general watering down of Playmate pictorials, with a particular problem arising in the models being reluctant to expose too much in photos. Jessa, however, brings it back in force, not being afraid to bare her sexy labia.

Jessa may gather mixed reviews, as many will be put off by her obvious enhancements and sometimes plastic look. I, however, was pleasantly surprised by her sense of presence in front of the camera, and felt as though she really has a good grasp of posing that can easily outweigh any physical flaws she may have. Jessa can simply hit some excellent poses, such as this one, which show her range of skill by photographing her body in motion-based angles, using an active posing motif rather than a passive one.

To really tie it together, Jessa has a really intriguing face, which sold me on her being a very worthy Playmate entry. While her sharp eyebrows and angular facial features may turn some off, I was attracted to her slanted, exotic eyes and full lips. Jessa is a bit of an enigma in a lot of ways, and her face is a microcosm for the type of model she is - one that is sure to cause debate in her worthiness to lead the 2012 race.

  • Face: B+
    Many may find Jessa's face to be the deciding factor in either loving or hating her appearance as a Playmate, but for me, it is certainly one of her strengths. Her intriguing, smoky, and squinting eyes along with a strong jawline with some lovely, full, parted lips are unique and very engaging in photographs.
  • Body: B+
    Although her breast enhancements and overproduction in photos may serve as a flaw in the eyes of many, Jessa's tough and tall frame totally makes up for them. Her posing style plays in very well with the way she engulfs photos with her photogenic legs and abs, and her subtle curves also keep her looking balanced from head to toe.
  • Talent: A-
    Jessa is certainly keenly aware of the camera, and visibly understands how to strike some excellent poses. While she has some issues being consistent, Jessa's in-your-face approach complements her physique with style.
  • Pictorial: B+
    While not taking any real risks, the Playboy producers did a very good job alternating outfits and keeping the pictorial as physical as possible. With an active poser such as Jessa, the focus is kept on her movement and great height, and this helps the audience see what she has to offer.
  • Centerfold: B+
    Jessa's centerfold does what her pictorial does so well - it showcases her lower body very well. Although it misses the boat with her facial expression and doesn't truly convey the type of model she is, the shot is a sexy one.
  • Overall: B+
    Jessa won't win over every Playboy fan out there, but her introduction as Playmate has been undeniably justified. She is a sharp poser with plenty of skill, but more than that, she carves out a unique niche among the ladies in the 2011 class that will endure. She may not have the polished look of Jaclyn Swedberg or the bubbly likeability of Anna Berglund, but she does what she does well, which is raw, physical posing. With a more complex and involved pictorial, we would have been able to understand her better, but with her intriguing face and great body, she is a surprisingly solid entry for the 2012 PMOY race. She is currently my frontrunner for the title next year, although she is certainly not a dominant favorite for the win. Let's hope this roll continues, with a very interesting Eastern European Miss August just around the corner.


Silvio said...

I'm totally disappointed with 2011 class... I guess this is the worst class ever in all playboy's history. At least I don't remind by now an year with so strangers "to not say ugly" playmates. Who is choosing this girls? This person must to be fired cause it's hard to believe that they have been choosen by Hugh Hefner. Well, I still don't have a favorite one. Miss august looks horrible, she looks like a gremlin... serious, she scared me a lot in her preview. And what about miss september? Tiffany Toth... she is nice but can be PMOY? No she can't, she is just ok. But thinking well, today any girl can be PMOY... what a shame!

Nate said...

Ashley Mattingly redux. Seriously, they look exactly alike.

Kylie is still my #1 with a bullet.

LEO said...

Ok great review Mr. PBC....

Let me just start off by saying: Jessa is a fucking hott piece of ass! Damn, she has literally one of the sexiest, hard shapely bodies since lindsay wagner in 2007. My jaw dropped when I saw her centerfold.

Jessa describes herself as bisexual in her datasheet, kinda hott that shes into girls lol, but thats besides the point.

Her face is sharp albeit not masculine. Shes a tall girl (just like I like em). Set of perfect legs that lead into a hard and tight midsection with breasts that can leave even the gayest of men scratching their heads in wonder. Leading up to a graceful long neck and an intriguing, beautiful mug.

Jessa is of Spanish, Italian, German and Swedish descent which is displayed beautifully in her exotic face.

Her skin is so smooth and she has the perfect tan.

PMOY 2012 is defintely Jessa Lynn Hinton by a LONG shot!!

Great review!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Jessa Lynn became a Playmate. She NEVER should have even been the October 2009 Cyber Girl of the Month.
It's no wonder why Playboy is doing so poorly. If only they picked better models to be Playmates...
I'm so glad I didn't renew my Cyber Club subscription.

Leo said...

I guess Im in a lonely group of Jessa lovers...cannot get enough of her...shes PERFECTION!! The true champion for PMOY 2012 :p