Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Belle of Brazil

Alana, Miss September
Things are taking a turn for the better in the Playmate world. Although this year hasn't been one of distinctive, really hard-hitting hall of fame talents, we've still had a couple of greats, the most recent being everygirl Shelby Chesnes. Her endearing beauty set her in a certain class, but what about the real bombshells of the year? I'm talking about an in-your-face poser with glamor, class, and most of all, a hard, chiseled figure.

Fortunately for us, we have Alana Campos as our Miss September. Alana is an unexpected entry for this month, as most Playboy fans fully expected Danielle Burt in this spot. But, due to extenuating circumstances, we have Alana instead. I initially wasn't too high on the potential with Miss Campos, but she makes it damned hard not to like her.

Initially, busty Brazilian beauty Alana looks exactly like the kind of woman we've been looking for this year. She has the South American look, and has a tiny hint of Teles twins in her - some of the greatest Brazilian imports to grace Playboy's pages. Her posing style is akin more to Francesca Frigo from a few years back, who had more of a passive style and suffered due to an overly conservative pictorial.

Once you take a look through Alana's spread, you fear that she got the Frigo treatment, in a lot of ways. You'll immediately notice that what we have here is a sexy, obvious choice for Playmate. Alana's prized asset is her entire body - it's immaculate and well-balanced. While it won't hit you in the face with some bombastic breasts or a killer Brazilian butt (sadly), she's slim and silky. While she could use a bit of tone to really put her over the top, her figure is tall and slick.

So Alana's body isn't lacking. But what about the rest? Unfortunately, we don't get a model who hits on all cylinders here, and it's mainly due to her tame and generic pictorial. While Playboy got a hit with Shelby two months ago due to the perfect fit with the type of model she was, Alana gets an underperformed, underedited spread. Alana is a potentially physical and talented model, but a passable set of photos with some nice costuming is just not enough to vault her over the top.

  • Face: B+
    Alana's face is beautiful and exotic, but prevents her from overcoming a weak pictorial solely through her physical assets. She has a lovely smile that spreads from cheek to cheek, and exotic, angular eyes that are truly a sight. However, her face can sometimes come off a bit edgy, preventing her from giving off the subtle looks of a more low-key Playmate.
  • Body: A-
    As I said before, Alana packs a punch when it comes to her figure. It's extremely well-proportioned, with slim lines and sexy skin. Her breasts are just the right size, albeit not being very noteworthy. Her behind is lacking due to high expectations, but is certainly nothing to sniff at. All in all, she's right up there with the other great physical specimens of 2012.
  • Talent: A-
    While Alana doesn't quite deliver on the level of Shelby, she's easily one of the best posers of the year. She's vastly underutilized for her style and skill, but still delivers an above average showing. With a penchant for the camera, you can really sense her enthusiasm, and she sizzles at times, knowing exactly how to tailor her body to the situation.
  • Pictorial: B
    Unfortunately, what really holds Alana back is her subpar pictorial set. There's nothing that really pops here, as she goes between generic costuming, never really hitting her stride. The photos straddle a line between colorful and dark, never really figuring things out. I would have rather seen her take a bold, sensual stand in either direction, but the editors never let her break free.
  • Centerfold: B
    Alana's centerfold is plain and average, showing off a standing frontal shot that doesn't differentiate itself much from the bland flavor of the rest of the pictorial.
  • Overall: A-
    I see Alana as a model who falls between a B+ and A- rating, but I give her the higher rating purely due to her exotic uniqueness. She's immediately likable from the moment you see her, and that's what really pushes her through in my eyes. Her body may not be as stunning as Leola's or Shelby's, but ranks among the best this year. Her pictorial is drab, but her glowing appearance brings her up to my top 3 this year. While she may not stay there for long, I'd expect Alana to easily stay in my top 5 for the PMOY race, as she represents an great upward trend for the year.

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When do we get to see Danielle Burt" And . . . what were the extenuating circumstances???