Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paying Homage

Britany, Miss November
As we've picked up some steam going into the home stretch for Playmates in 2012, we've got just two months to go, and a couple of tough acts to follow. Shelby Chesnes brought the heat back in April, serving up a delicious body with a clean, simple posing style. Last month, Pamela Horton also upped the ante by introducing a fresh face, sleek body, and a load of much-needed talent to the arena.

So as we reach November, we're looking for that elusive bit of consistency out of Playboy - something we're often missing. This year began with a series of missteps, and we're hoping that we close strong. What we get for Miss November, Britany Nola, is a mixed bag, with some hidden gems here and there.

The first thing you'll notice about the young Miss Nola is just how mature she looks. We're not talking "old" here, but after following the likes of the very youthful looking (and 3 years older) Pam Horton in comparison, Britany looks like she has some years on her belt.

Of course, most of this has to do with Britany's "retro" look. We know many have done this in the past, and every year has its share of Playmates who try this gimmick (the most prominent being PMOY Claire Sinclair), but Britany takes a page from the book without trying to copy it. She subtly introduces some elements from the past, with her appearance taking on a look of the 2000s while still maintaining some homages to the bygone era that she so appreciates and emulates.

It's readily apparent in her overall look. The short, frazzled hair (which I'll touch more on later) is reminiscent of blondes of the 70's. The heavily-lined, smoky eyes giving some depth to a face that doesn't really have much character in the first place. Everything about her posing style speaks of a respect for those ladies.
Britany's unpolished, frazzled look is a
staple of her posing repertoire
And most noticeably of all - the tuft of pubic hair. I can't even recall the last time a Playmate sported an un-manicured piece of hair between her legs. For Britany, it almost adds to the look of maturity. Lately, women have been looking younger and younger thanks to their shaven hair, and seeing it again (albeit in a neatly trimmed way) certainly adds to the look and persona. It's even sexier because of the fact that it's been re-made into a taboo look, and I applaud her for it.

Getting past the small gimmicks, Britany's body isn't the star of the show here. In fact, it's at times awkward looking, without the curvature and proportion that make up the modern Playmate. She is intensely tall and leggy, without the upper body to really balance out the sexiness of her lower half, and this leads to a strange look when photographed face-on.

In terms of talent, Britany is no slouch, but her photos are sadly stricken by the "sullen" look that so many Playmates can't shake. She comes in with an attitude and a piercing look that doesn't always suit her, and so she often takes it too far. Miss Nola is often looking frazzled and unkempt, jaw dropped and holding her face, as is her schtick. It works at times, but gets tiresome at times, looking more like a trick than a solid posing technique.
  • Face: B
    With a heavy dose of eyeliner and a scruffy head of blonde hair, Britany's face is certainly pretty and is at times her greatest asset. However, it's also one of her glaring weaknesses, in that it's just plain bland. While her cute smile and smoky eyes are certainly attractive, she is ultimately unmemorable and destined to fade into the background. The "deer in the headlights" look pervades, which doesn't help matters.
  • Body: B
    While Britany has her moments and commands the camera just fine, her body isn't the reason for it. Physically, she doesn't measure up to other contenders in the 2012 class -- her high waist-to-hip ratio and lack of substantial breasts or buttocks really detracts here. Although she's quite leggy and of an excellent height (5' 9"), she doesn't have the silhouette and lines of some of the better bodies we've seen so far. Plus points should be given for her sexy pubic hair, a rarity these days.
  • Talent: B+
    While Britany has her faults, she's no slouch when it comes to pure, active posing. Her moves are smart, using her face and body to her ultimate advantage. She can, however, overdo it. She can look downtrodden and sullen in her photographs, taking on an overly gritty look that isn't really endearing on such a model.
  • Pictorial: B+
    All in all, not a bad product for a model who isn't the most physically appealing of the bunch for '12. Her lack of assets is made up for with a sharp, sexy, and colorful pictorial with all the right costuming for the job. While Britany suffers from her overacting at times, it's still a pretty good product.
  • Centerfold: B
    Britany is at her best when she's cracking a smile and squinting those eyes. Her centerfold instead captures her prone (understating her good height) and emphasizing her jaw-dropped look, which is frankly overused with her.
  • Overall: B
    Kudos to the latest effort in trying to bring the "retro-look" back. Claire Sinclair did it with mixed results (but hey, she did win PMOY), and Britany Nola came closer to nailing it. Britany's interpretation was more of an homage than a carbon copy, and I appreciate her for that. She had the bright blond and short cut. She had the hair where it counts (and the right proportion, too). She had a starlet's look. But she was missing the voluptuous 1960's physique and overall luxurious look that made an old-school Playmate. While Britney probably isn't Playmate material in the first place, she's one of those middle-of-the-pack ladies who will fade as the PMOY race starts up. It was good knowing ya!

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Silvio said...

I like her a lot! Actually for me she looks more with a playmate from the 80's than 60's or 70's as you describle. Not my fav for PMOY but a great playmate, one of the best from 2012.