Friday, February 22, 2013

Connecticut Cutie

Ashley, Miss March
We can all agree that 2013 hasn't gotten out to a strong start as far as Playmates are concerned. While the web-based Playboy Plus is exploring new frontiers with edgier photography and taking things to the next level in terms of creativity, the flagship line of Playmates is mysteriously and grossly lagging behind. Karina Marie was as bland and undeserving as they get, and Shawn Dillon was the victim of horrible editing and execution. Where would Hef find the next star to save this franchise?

As luck would have it, the Playboy Plus pipeline is rife with talent. A lot of it is entirely too synthetic (Casey Connelly) or a bit untouched (Jessica Workman) to make the leap to the PM ranks. But then again, a risk is exactly what PB needs right now. What Hef did was exactly that - but the results are a little mixed.

Miss March is Ashley Doris, a model who was more or less nonexistent in the Playboy universe just two months ago. Ashley hit the scene in PB Plus as an "Amateur"in late January, with a very respectable pictorial in a black bodysuit. Her hypnotic beauty aptly titled her feature set, and she had more than the right amount of polish to look like she could jump to the Playmate ranks. Still, it needed Hugh Hefner's seal of approval, and with it, he quickly led what is one of the sharpest rises to PM stardom that anyone has taken in years. From Amateur to Playmate in sixty seconds.

stunning silhouette
Just because Ashley took the short way in doesn't diminish her merits. She's a fine choice for Playmate, and one of the most natural choices in months. I would look back to compare her to Alana Campos of last year, who just had Playmate written all over her in the sense that Ashley does in her appearance. She's smooth and non-robotic, with all the charm in the world and a hint of sexuality that really lets her fit the bill.

Ashley is wildly photogenic and simply a pleasure. Her outstanding, penetratingly deep eyes are a wonder, and her incredible golden skin glistens against a mostly white backdrop chosen for her in this pictorial. She moves through the photos with cautious ease, a glance here, a glance there to assert herself in the Playmate world. She has the talent to do it, obviously. Ashley's body, while never the centerpiece, is very fun. It's smooth and natural, with perfectly proportioned breasts and excellent lines.

The pictorial is again the weak spot here, but obviously not so much as with last month. It suits her style well, being a semi-active model with the ability to contort and produce some great silhouettes. The choice for a white backdrop was awesome, as it complements and brings out her tanned features. Still, it really lacks the punch and sizzle that the rest of the Playboy world is taking on, and that's the game we're playing right now.

  • Face: A-
    Ashley's eyes are the focus here, with the bright whites shining in every single photo. The deep look that she gives you is unforgettable, and really sets the stage for the rest of the pictorial. The photographers take great advantage of her face, but it's also a bit inconsistent in her pictures, sometimes strangely angled or awkwardly placed.
  • Body: A-
    Ashley's physique is nearly perfect, the only gripe is that it's just not very memorable. Still, her smooth body lines and sleek curvature is a thing to appreciate. Her hazelnut skin is adorable, and she's all-natural, which is entirely apparent in every photo. While she lacks the height and balance to tie it all together, there's do doubting that this is one tight and sexy little package.
  • Talent: A
    Miss Doris just nails it in so many ways, it's hard not to give her an A for effort and all of the riches that come with it. She's just an all around good poser, with a great passive look that is absolutely adorable and sensual all at the same time; and she's also able to put on a show with some good physical posing, arching her back and giving it her all. Obviously she doesn't have to try too hard with looks to kill, but she has a strong understanding of her pros and cons, which makes her great.
  • Pictorial: A-
    The pictorial is sort of one-dimensional, and never really gets into a great rhythm to show off Ashley's breadth of skill, but it does the job far better than most. The bar has certainly been raised in this decade, with Playboy Plus exhibiting some seriously sexual posing, but Playmates have been left behind with some tame displays. While you have to credit Ashley for her unabashed display of her labia (unlike most), you have to wish for something more at this point. Still, a solid effort with brilliant color balance.
  • Centerfold: A
    I like this shot very much, mostly for its completeness. It does a fantastic job of capturing everything that Ashley is great at, from the contrast in her lovely skin tone, to her excellent posing lines. Although it's tame like everything else, you have to expect that. She looks like a glowing goddess here. Easily the best centerfold since Amanda Cerny in 2011.
  • Overall: A-
    Ashley is just an all around great model, period. As the first and only Playmate from Connecticut,  she's probably one of the most well-rounded models in some time, with her face, body, and talent all contributing equal parts to her success. While she won't "wow" by any means, and we're still finding that model to be the real frontrunner for the 2013 class, it's still early, and Ashley is that person right now. She might not win any superlative awards by year's end, but she's still cemented herself as a real contender for PMOY. I hope she continues releasing extras in the future, so that we can get a more tangible feel for what she's all about. I feel like we've got something real special here.


Leo said...

My god, what has Hef done but hire a damn Jew to do Freytag and Wayda's job? Why? And apparently a blind Jew at that! Sasha Eisenman is an embarrassment to Playboy. Also I am sick of the fact that Playboy always feels that an asian playmate needs to be dressed up as a little flower girl or in a chinese restaurant/shop (remember the horror of grace kims pictorial back in '08) Ashley would have looked tons better in a more intimate setting where she could just be herself and actually look like she is enjoying be photographed (which is what its all about - how the model engages with the camera and is in her "own groove/ natural habitat"- theyre bunnies for godsakes) Please, hef, remove Eisenman from your payroll and save your empire. Cannot believe that the cybergirl pictorials are literally creaming the Sh*t out of the playmates'. This has not happened since 2006. Ashley is such a beauty, why does she have to look like she is bending her knees to pee in almost every pic or look so out of place and of all things holy all while wearing a little china tea cup dress. How embarassing, it looks like some rushed fetish porn scene with a nervous model. Horrible angles, horrible wardrobe, horrible everything except model. Give her a C+ just cuz shes cute. But the posing, lighting, it looks like child porn...Completely and utterly disgraceful. This makes two March's in a row that are completely disgraceful, for lack of a better term. However, Shawn Dillon's humiliating kite ride on the seas takes the cake for most embarrassing playmate pictorial in the history of Playboy. And all while hef is oblivious to this all apparently, now that he is married he has less time to approve pics/edit centerfolds. Crystal (12/09) sure is keeping him busy...but at the expense of his beloved magazine.....

Leo said...

And is little Sasha reads this little passage I wrote about him (like all these people seem to read what one writes on here *wink wink*) I will say that he totally deserves it for literally SH*TTING on Playboy for these pictures as well as Shawns. Its not even funny. Eisenman has literally discredited over half a century of the Playboy empire. SASHA, STOP PHOTOGRAPHING THE PLAYMATES

Anonymous said...

I know that upcoming playmate Alexa Sandberg was also shot by Eisenman(((((
And I hope, that miss April Jaslyn Ome (she's my favourite this year)was shot by Steve or Arny...

PlayboyCritic said...

Jaslyn looks incredibly promising!

Nate said...

I reenlisted with Playboy Plus recently to give it another shot. After a few months, I have experienced little but disappointment. The new girls suck, the playmates suck, and even the new features with girls I've liked in the past suck. The playmates, in particular, have been awful for about a full year now, so I can't blame it all on the online content and Manwin.

As far as I am concerned, the franchise is dead. I will mine the site for past material that I have enjoyed and be done with it. Not one more dime will they get from me.

Silvio said...

Anyone knows if is true that Raquel got the tittle this year? Everybody is talking about it...