Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Taste of Something New

Playboy's out to prove you wrong. If you've been saying that there isn't enough creativity and inspiration in the Playmates of today, you've got another thing coming. Playmates today not only are far more diverse in nature than those of the past, but they're also a lot sexier, plain and simple. Today's Playmates have guts and depth - daring and feminism that isn't overpowering, and isn't crossing the line past femininity that's been prized at the magazine for decades.

Case in point: Brittany Binger. Miss June is a phenomenal talent that's incomparable to anything I've seen so far at Playboy. She's bright, sexy, and tantalizing, not to mention charming from the very start.

Right from the get go, Brittany looks angelic. As we'll see, she goes through lots of layers and depth. She's got lots of different looks, and we'll see this one more often... the sexy siren. Her pictorial is brilliantly done, also, as we'll also see.

Sprawled out on the bed in pic 07, Brittany shows her next dimension - the typical Playboy sex goddess. She's a lot more than typical, since she's got a unique face and a smile that lights up the camera. This one, however, does her great justice. It's safe to say that Miss Binger is small and curvy, just the right amount so that she looks like an explosion of sex appeal when she curls up on the bed.

Brittany peels back another layer in pic 11, where her sexy costuming blends with her beautiful face, and offers a whole new perspective on the same girl. How she can change from scene to scene is beyond words. It's a talent that's natural for Miss June. This photo shows another sexy side of Brittany, laden with girl-next-door hotness. With this many different looks, Brittany is starting to get me really excited for how this pictorial might wrap up and climax.

She does it again in pic 27, towards the end of the pictorial, where she slips into her centerfold outfit, a gorgeous candy striper getup. She comes off as a strong, intimidating mistress with an amazing gaze that's tough to match. Her underwear falls off like butter, her skin bronzed and smooth. Brittany knows how to cap off a pictorial with fireworks, as she heats things up in the shadows, sexily flaunting her gorgeous body and allowing the reflections to wrap around her supple breasts.

All in all, Brittany promised something exotic last month, and she delivered by dominating my expectations and leaving me amazingly satisfied. The first half of 2007 has shaped up to be one of the best Playmate classes in years, and we're not even finished yet. Month after month, I've been crowning a new favorite for PMOY, this one being Brittany, who'll be a surefire fan favorite. Jayde Nicole, Tyran Richard, and Shannon James make it an uphill climb, but it's shaping up to be a great year!

Consensus... A

Brittany Binger
Playmate of the Month June 2007

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