Saturday, June 2, 2007


Lots of updates and things going on in the world of Playboy since I last posted... new girls, new contests for titles have opened up, and lots more to talk about. I think I'll run through the categories to make sure I get a little bit on each girl along the way...

Cyber Girls
Breann McGregor is the current Cyber Girl of the Year, and she's shaping up to be a damn good one, as usual. With all the great Cyber Girl candidates each year, there's little way they can mess this up.

For those of you not familiar with Breann, she's become huge in terms of internet buzz. She's a major fan favorite because of her sexy curves and beautiful stare. She's voluptuous in all the right places, and her breasts are heavenly... almost perfect.

Only three of her pictorials are in, but these are my fave pics from each so far...
Pictorial 1, pic 46 : this picture shows off Breann's essence... a perfect landscape of lovely bronzed skin, smooth and perfect. Her breasts and eyes capture the shot awesomely.
Pictorial 2, pic 39 : legendary photographer George Georgiou takes away the youthful restraints that Breann has in this photo, and puts her in the shadows to trace the nuances of her skin. It plays off perfectly, and is a more mature, artistic shot with sex appeal written all over it.
Pictorial 3, pic 32 : Breann is full-bodied and gorgeous, but she's also got some spunk in her yet. This pic is stretched and puts it all out there. There aren't many words to describe it... the pictorials can only get better.

I also usually don't comment on CG of the Week entries, but newcomer Stephanie Olson caught my attention today. Her full lips and nicely proportioned body might take her places. I'll keep an eye on her, as her stock might rise soon.

In other news, former coed of the month Jennifer Hurt is now a CGOM! She's really moving up the ranks, and once her pictorial blossoms a bit more, I'll keep it up to date.

In the world of the elite Playmates, not much changed. It's the pinnacle, but it's often got the least to offer a fan, not to mention some of the decision-making by Hef and Co. is a little off sometimes. One of the only places to get full-on Playmate action is the "Playmate Xtra" section. Who's the extra for this month? Qiana Chase. Is that really how slow things are going for Playboy? Qiana doesn't need to be exposed any further... I saw enough of her after her preview pictorial.

Good news is that the upcoming Playmate looks like a doosie. Brittany Binger doesn't look that great in her Playmate Preview, but pics like this one make me look forward to the actual pictorial, which is usually way better, anyway. She's pretty exotic, but a risk because of her odd facial structure. I'll be interested to see how she looks with touched up photos.

The young guns have been putting up a fight recently. After great entries like Courtney Tyler and Jennifer Hurt, along comes Cristal Houston this month. Cristal is a pure knockout with a dreamy, angelic face and a killer body. Check out her Week 4 Videos for some real shower excitement. She is what I call a "video girl," where she looks much better in motion than she does in pictures. She's just not incredibly photogenic, but she's a sexual dynamo. Still, pictures like this one convey her sexual energy just fine, but it still sells her a little short. Cristal's week 1 and 2 videos are also amazing, with week 1's outfit being a total A+ pick! Can you really ever go wrong with a really short skirt?

So that's all for now... just a little update with no real ratings or anything. These girls will all get out what they have in the upcoming weeks, and as I get more info on the current Playmate and other details, I'll get on here with the latest.

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