Saturday, July 28, 2007

Gold Mine

I was very pleasantly surprised to sign on to the Cyber Club after a bit of a hiatus, only to see Tiffany Fallon's photo on the front page. So I thought, "more Tiffany!" after she was a great pick for PMOY in 2005 and really impressed me with her posing and performance. But this time, we can all get to know her a little better...

After her site went offline, all of its content was apparently picked up by Playboy, and it's all on the Cyber Club. We're talking about 60 PICTORIALS, and 55 VIDEOS! The amazing onslaught of content made me pretty satisfied to be able to sift through it all.

With other girls, you might think that so much content might be a bit overkill. But not for Tiffany... she's got touch and variety in each of her photos. She makes the most of her environments and setups so that every single photo is gorgeous, not to mention her outrageously perfect body.

So going through the pictorials, some of them really caught my eye, although most of them were pretty exceptional, and even the worse ones were just not eye-catching, but still sexy. One of my favorite pictorials was pictorial 1, which really shows off Tiffany's amazing curves. The curvature of her lower body just pops out at you in these pictures, especially at her hips.

Another pictorial where Tiffany is amazing is Pictorial 6, where she's nude throughout. It's a pure exhibition series, and Miss Fallon looks as sharp as ever. In this one, in particular, Tiff's hair looks perfect, and her body is smooth and silky. When her body bends, there's nothing that matches her balance of curves and classic luster.

Bottom line is, Tiffany just looks great naked. She's one of those girls that Playboy's hunted down that looks like she was born to be without clothes. There're so many great shots that you could sift through for days, I'll just list a few here:

Pictorial 25, Pic 14: Engaging eyes, great outfit
Pictorial 25, Pic 15: Fantastic photo, an instant classic... textbook posing ability
Pictorial 41, Pic 2: Great leopard print outfit; sexy, edgy look
Pictorial 41, Pic 12: Stripping off the leopard bustier
Pictorial 32, Pic 10: A monochrome shot that really brings out the classic beauty of Tiffany
Pictorial 53, Pic 4: The different hairstyle gives her a new, dynamic quality

Bottom line is, Tiffany is versatile, sexy, and absolutely breathtaking. I have a feeling that she'll not only be a great model for years to come, but will also go down as one of the greatest PMOY's of all time, worthy of being mentioned with the likes of Karen McDougal, Jodi Ann Paterson, or Patti McGuire.

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