Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Winds of Change

Things are definitely changing for the better in Playboy country. I've noticed obvious trends recently, and they're all signaling a better, brighter collection of girls. For one thing, and probably most importantly, the Cyber Girls section has been completely revamped. I mean, the quality of CGOW pictorials has always been lacking, in my opinion. But this past month of July has completely marked a change (I'll talk more on this in later posts).

The part that has improved that's probably most noticeable is the fact that Playboy's been rounding up some excellent girls as Playmates of the Month. The girls of 2007 so far have been no joke: Jayde Nicole, Tyran Richard, Shannon James, and Brittany Binger have all been fresh, unique faces the likes of which haven't been seen in Playboy's history.

So continuing this great streak is Tamara Sky, a Puerto Rican DJ with a bubbly butt and plenty of lustre and uniqueness. Tamara is a perfect addition to a great year. She's exotic, alluring, and perfectly feminine.

What I like about Tamara is that she's very sexual, and always engaging with the camera. She's trying to work it as much as she can, like in Pic 19. She's also got it all in a small, voluptuous package. But it's strange that her rock-hard body doesn't show itself in every photo. In this great picture, you've got a textbook body contour shot that really shadows and reflects her moves clearly. In others, like this one, you've got a flaccid, desperate attempt to portray a truly sexy and tough exterior. It just doesn't come off like Tamara has the ability to.

So Tamara isn't so consistent, this is true. Her posing is unorthodox and messy, and she's all over the place from picture to picture. She makes up for all of that with some memorable moments, plain and simple. The drawback of her crazy posing makes her very flexible, and can help her hit interesting poses. Her face is exotic and gorgeous, and although she doesn't smile much, you'll admit that you haven't seen anything like it before.

To top it all off, look at her centerfold, and you'll say to yourself that Tamara has perhaps the best ass in recent Playboy memory.

To sum things up, Tamara is a new twist in the plot of 2007. She's a great new addition with a Latin flair. She has problems with consistent posing and her pictorial falls flat at times with its repetitive nature... let's just say it's no Shannon James pictorial. However, one needs to give it its due as a great pictorial of a sexy, small package of a girl. She'll surely be in the running for PMOY, although she'll certainly have some competition.

Consensus... B+

Tamara Sky
Playmate of the Month
August 2007

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