Saturday, December 1, 2007

#16 - Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Marie Gallagher was Miss September 1994, in a time between eras of Playmate mediocrity and the well-known "golden age" of the late 1990's. Before Kelly, girls who were high-quality Playmates were sporadic, but still around (like Echo Johnson or Carrie Westcott). Right after Kelly, women like Elisa Bridges, Alicia Rickter, and Rhonda Adams emerged, changing the landscape forever. Miss Gallagher's class of 1994 was nothing too special: Julie Cialini was the mediocre PMOY winner, and Maria Checa was the only other standout. But Kelly didn't just stand out in this year alone.

Kelly was unfortunate to have come about during a Playboy dry spell like the one in 1994. She was not just the greatest Playmate of that specific year, but certainly one of the best girls Playboy had ever discovered. Kelly can be summed up in one word: legs. More than any other girl perhaps in Playboy history, Kelly's tall, slender frame (5' 6" and 105 lbs) was incredibly eye-catching and revolutionary. But it's not just that... following the trend of Lisa Dergan, Kelly is outlandishly professional and mature. These are the qualities that permeate her photos and make her special, because she poses with a sense of presence and classic charm that separate the great Playmates from the mediocre. Take some time to appreciate Kelly's wondrous collection of photos, and you'll sense her talent and mystique and wonder why she was so passed over for so long.

Kelly's greatness comes from her flowing, artsy pictorials. They're wonderfully produced and put together, and come together beautifully. Pic 12 starts off the discussion with a great example of what Kelly is all about... with a beautiful bit of lighting and a whimsical face, Kelly is something dreams are made of. This photo really sets off the pictorial with sex appeal, and Kelly's face looks gorgeous, her hair looks fluffy and sexy, and her body is like art. What more is there to want? Miss Gallagher's body is something unique to behold, and as she sits down and shows off those beautiful legs, it's obvious what makes her one of the legendary Playmates. That photo really does an excellent job of showing off Kelly's proportions, where her lower body captures the camera, unlike most Playmates these days. Kelly shows that she can leave the darkness and be sultry in Pic 33, and also hearkens back to a time when girls had unshaven rugs between their legs. Remember those times? This cute photo shows off Kelly's lovely eyes and beautiful package.

So now let's venture back to the bedroom and the pictorial that made Miss Gallagher stand out so very much. This smooth pic starts things off, and you can really see how Kelly becomes part of the setting and assimilates into her role so well. Zoom out a bit, and Kelly's amazing legs twist and turn and her awesome sexiness and unique face come into full view. She's simply breathtaking in photos like these. She is simply feminine, 100% woman, and difficult to sum up in words. If that's not enough, check out this photo of Kelly sprawled out and just posing for the camera, immersing the audience in her smooth body and gripping stare. The great job that the producers do with this pictorial is outstanding, with this photo telling the story about the natural lighting used and how it complements Kelly's slim body so very well.

It's tough to look at Kelly Gallagher and not wonder how she could be any more perfect. She's got everything working for her in every possible way, she's got great pictorial production and photography, she has a spectacular presence and a beautiful, picturesque face, and she's one of the greatest Playmates ever. Not only is she extremely underrated, but Kelly deserves all the recognition of being part of the elite... #16, in fact. She deserves a place in history, and deserves to be mentioned with the other girls who have shaped the Playmate world as we see it today.


Luke said...

Cant beleive she lost PMOY to Julie Lynn. Even Shae Marks would have been better that Julie...

LoveFemNude said...

Not sure whether I should call this pick very surprising first or very commendable. A wonderful and as you said unfortunately a very underrated Playmate. A classic is how I would describe her as well. Just the way her body is laid out in some of her pictures vertically or horizontally makes for visuals that should be framed and hung from drawing rooms or bedrooms. As for the PMOY from 1994 its understandbly widely believed to be one of the poorest PMOY selections of all time. Most Playmate fans won't rate Julie in the top half of 1994 and for me she is near the bottom.