Friday, November 30, 2007

#17 - Lisa Dergan

Lisa Dergan was Miss July 1998, in a competitive period of Playmate elite, when several fresh faces came out to make a name for themselves. Lisa was no exception. Indeed, in a class complete with Heather Kozar (PMOY), Julia Schultz, Marliece Andrada, Deanna Brooks, Angela Little, Vanessa Gleason, Laura Cover, Tiffany Taylor, and the Dahm triplets (whew! is that all for one year?), Lisa found a way to stand out in her own, unique way. In fact, not only was she unique for '98, she was one of the greatest ever.

Lisa's name could have been lost in the annals of Playboy. She was as revolutionary and sexy as any other, but her name didn't carry the late 90's the way that a McDougal or Kozar did. Although her fame didn't permeate, her looks sure did. Lisa was known among Playboy enthusiasts as a mature, intelligent looking girl, albeit only 28. She crashed the scene with so many younger stars, only to emerge as a gorgeous blonde bombshell with posing power like you wouldn't believe. And the best thing about Lisa? She wasn't just your prototypical "Hefmate," but a new type of blonde that shook Playboy at its core.

Take a look at Lisa at the golf course, where she's wild and crazy with all the right looks. Lisa's biggest strength is that she was such a dynamic poser, picking up this picture right after, and transforming her look with just one move. It's the sauna pictorial, however, that gets Miss Dergan the 5 stars she needs to be one of the greatest. Take a look at this photo, or this one, with all the perfect lighting and contouring to deliver the ultimate sexy look. Lisa's photos are timeless because of their setting and production value, which can rarely go out of style. This serene scene captured Lisa's intimacy and serenity, as well as her mature charm. The classic Pic 13 takes us back to the golf course, where Lisa's tight butt is eye-catching and her stare is sharp and tantalizing. Look closer at Lisa's eyes for a second... they're completely unique, like nothing you've ever seen. They penetrate and deliver charm at the same time. When Lisa gets completely nude and lets it all hang out, she's composed and curiously strong, unlike many younger women who can seem overly vulnerable, even as Playboy models.

An aside has to be granted to the middle section of Lisa's pictorial, which cemented her as one of the all-time greats. Pic 30 is one of the finest shots of a woman's ass that has ever been taken. Just the posture and the stare meshing together... brilliant! But it's Lisa's venture in the sauna that made her famous. This one gets it primed, with Lisa releasing a sexual longing in a steamy, moist shell. The poses she strikes by stretching her amazing bronzed body are unbelievable, and as she flashes a quick stare, she screams femininity and power all at the same time.

As if I can't get any more enthusiastic, make sure you see this photo, which is a triumph of Playboy photography history. No other woman but Lisa Dergan could have pulled off this shot. It's just perfect timing, and with those long lets and those cat-like eyes, it was captured. It leads into this other unique and intimate shot, followed by a wet, dripping closer that's almost too hot for words. In Lisa's pictorial closing, she has a notable side profile shot, an excellent photo in a lacy bustier (for those lingerie fans out there... sorry, Lisa likes to be completely nude most of the time) and there's that awesome "come hither" look to close things off... in the sauna, no less.

I could go on and on about Lisa, but the point is this: Lisa took the game to a whole new level by revolutionizing the art of intimate sexuality in pictorials. She didn't need props, clothes, or gimmicks. She's one of the best and most underrated Playmates of all-time, and a personal pick for me. I'm inviting you to see and understand the gold mine that Playboy produced in years past, and I'm doing exactly what this countdown was meant to do: to expose true Playboy stars and golden girls, even the ones without the spotlight names. Lisa is #17 on my list. Only 17! That means that there's plenty more to come and more to discover, and rest assured that there are plenty of twists and turns along the way.

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LoveFemNude said...

I say this is the most non-controversial selection in the entire list. I mean who doesn't like Dergie. Who would say one bad word about her? Who doesn't dream of just sharing a conversation with her across a coffee table or walk down the road holding her hand? I have lost count of the number of people who wanted her to be PMOY instead of Heather Kozar. I don't think fans underrate her but the "establishment" probably does. She came off as not just a very pretty and sexy lady but also a wonderfully intelligent one. She promised us the complete female companion virtually every man dreams of for years. Its ladies of this class that made me a die hard fan of Playmates in the first place.