Friday, February 8, 2008

Spencer on PMOY 2008

Spencer Scott, the outspoken 18-year old Miss October '07 who's really captured the hearts and minds of plenty of Playboy fans, has lots to say about the Playmate race, and said this about the potential winner of the nomination:
"I do believe the odds fall in the favor of a brunette this year, and my pick is Brittany [Binger]. She is really genuine. There is no other brunette who has the personality to match their looks like Brittany. All of the other brunettes for 2007 are beautiful (it is Playboy), but none have the total package and care about their fans like Brittany does....she is the real deal."
These are interesting words from a real front runner in the race. Spencer is a massive fan favorite and is certainly on pace to challenge Brittany, but the fact that she admits a potential win by Miss Binger gives credence to the fact that rumors of Brittany's nomination are fully circulating. It's been known for several weeks now that Spencer and Brittany are the top two contenders in fan polls, and unless a strong boost has been given to the other girls, it's probably time for one of these two to stand up.

As you can see from the pseudo-advertisement above, Spencer's "campaign" for PMOY is in full-swing, and the internet-savvy teenager is definitely on top of it. It's getting all the more intriguing, let's put it at that. In addition, Brittany is building up a massive lead in the polls. Rumors are flying around that even Jayde Nicole has already been crowned PMOY. It's heating up, and all we can do is analyze the rumors and watch and wait.

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