Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Girl

The burden of Miss February, representing love, passion, and all that comes along with the most romantic of months, is a tough one to handle. The Playmate representing 2008 is Michelle McLaughlin, a Californian blonde with a cute persona and a good overall look. Michelle is a good choice for Playmate, being polished and wholesome. Yes, wholesome describes it best. She's a pretty girl with great presence and a tight little package of a body. But stretch it past that, and you're just kidding yourself.

Michelle is a beautiful girl, but let's leave it at that. Like Sandra Nilsson of last month, 2008 is still looking for a viable PMOY candidate, and you can thank the heavens that it's only February. Like Sandra, Michelle just isn't memorable, and doesn't excite the senses or steal your attention you can race through her photos and browse through her pictures, and give her a mediocre review, but not much else past that.

So let's take a look at Michelle's pictorial. The first picture that caught my attention was her bathtub photo, which is definitely beautiful. But this was 9 pictures into her pictorial! However, you can see how much fun Michelle's having in the tub, and her soaped up body and unique face are fun to look at. Yes, she does have a new face, that's not so "everyday" because of her eyebrows and lips. She also has an interesting smile, and although I didn't like it much at first, I began to notice how unusual it was, and it grew on me. One problem with Michelle is that although her body is nice and she knows how to pose very well, her breasts are odd. They don't hold up well, and appear flat on top and sag down at the bottom. But you can't deny Michelle's sexuality, which I was nervous about after seeing Sandra last month. Michelle can work it, like in this photo, which almost alludes back to the great Playmates of the past, with that legs-spread, hands-on-breasts look. Those spread legs expose her vagina in that photo, but very subtly with excellent lighting that keeps things classy.

Michelle tied it up with a mediocre showing in the bathtub, with this photo and this sexy laying photo being the highlights. That one's especially interesting because of the raised profile of her crotch, which is incredibly erotic. Speaking of erotic, also check out Michelle's great centerfold, which is definitely the best I've seen since Tamara Sky's of last year. Michelle's centerfold is very clean, bright, and complements her body perfectly, with golden hues and undertones and a lovely lace top finishing it off.

All in all, a weak showing for February, following in the footsteps of January. As 2007 started off with a great big bang, 2008 suffers in its slow pace and overall "political correctness" of its models. Sandra and Michelle are gorgeous women, but have little to offer in the material department. If they want to win PMOY 2009, they'll have to put up some spicier photos. In the meantime, we'll wait and see if Miss March, Ida Ljungqvist, can wow us. Ida looks promising, and she's exotic and interesting enough to take us for a ride. Hopefully, her material can match her very interesting looks.

Consensus... B

Michelle McLaughlin

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loops said...

Hey ya - Just wanted to comment on your great blog. I'm a long time Playboy fan (started in the late '80s) and it's great to see and read a blog that has honest and well thought out reviews on the Playmates and models.
I'm def looking forward to seeing the end of your interesting to see how close it comes to my top 25!