Thursday, June 5, 2008

VIP Fans?

Seriously, I want to know... do the people at Playboy read my blog?!? I've been complaining how things haven't gone right recently in the Cyber Club, like with the lack of great Playmates, and here comes Juliette Frette to breathe some life into a weak 2008 class.

OK, so if that's not enough reason to feel that way, how about Kortnie O'Connor getting a Cyber Girl Xtra? I just complained about how she wasn't "getting any love," and here she is, getting the ultimate consolation prize for not getting much support for her 2009 CGOY bid? I'm just ecstatic about this move, and I LOVE the first pictorial! It's so raw and unfettered, and Kortnie is drop dead gorgeous in it. Way to go, Playboy!

Not to mention, the Coeds feature is picking up, too. We've had two great CGOW's recently, including the beautiful Lauren D'Marie and Amanda King. They've both taken the Coeds feature to a new level, with more qualified models and more elaborate pictorials and outfits. Hopefully this will just be the tip of the iceberg.

All in all, this is all just coincidence, but at least Playboy is listening to fans and improving every day in every department. Keep it up, folks!

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Silvio said...

Yep, I guess they did. :p I think we are going to have good girls for the next months, that´s why I´m gonna wait to choose "MY 2009PMOY". No news about model of the year, dude? You know that I would like if Jnnifer Hurt was the winner. I love her!