Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Race Is On

I'll say it right now: the race for Cyber Girl of the Year 2009 is about to heat up quite a bit. That's right, after a relatively slow start to this year's lineup, I'd say we're about to have a tight one on our hands. This is mostly due to the great selection that Playboy's been making for their Cyber Girl of the Week features.

The standard was raised, in my opinion, way back last year with Trina Marie's CGOW pictorial, which set the bar higher than I'd ever seen before. Trina really pushed it, since before her, most Cyber Girls debuted with rather shoddy weekly pictorials, with no videos or embellishment, just a little blurb, some stats, and a set of 15-20 photos. But the quality was all changed by Trina.

After Trina took the CGOM title in March, we've seen only one other great contender, the very talented Alexandra Penovich in May. She was pretty stunning because of her great moves, awesome pictorials, and an overall knockout body. Now, we've set a nice trend, taking it to a greater level with a bevy of excellent Cyber Girls showing up week-to-week, and getting large fan followings.

March (July CGOM slot)

The five March 2008 Cyber Girls are in contention for the slot of CGOM for July, leaving a four month selection and production time. That means we should be finding out the March race winner very soon. The girl I assume to be in the clear lead there is March 17th's Dana Dicillo, who is a fantastic candidate for CGOM and perhaps even for CGOY in the end. She's built up a huge fan following, and some are even claiming that she should transcend the ranks and be a serious candidate for Playmate soon. Even though that's a way off, Dana truly is a gorgeous girl, with a sizzling attitude and an outstandingly natural look. Although there's only a couple photos to judge her on, Dana looks to be the next huge Playboy superstar.

Next for march would have to be Heidi Wheeler for me. She has a superb pictorial and demonstrates some substantial skill, but in the end I think Miss Dicillo is just way too popular and talented to be passed over for CGOM.

April (August CGOM slot)

For me, April just has one clear star: Sharae Spears. Another diamond in the rough, Sharae is a really unique looking girl who's also understated in her beauty and all-natural, complete with a softly lit and radiant pictorial. She's slim, with some nice height on her and some long, glistening legs. Although she might not be CGOY material (or as much so as Trina or Dana), she is a great candidate for the monthly nomination.

Chelsea Co is also a contender for this month, but I don't think she has the goods to take the spot like Sharae has. That being said, April is a relatively weak month compared to March, so Chelsea has a chance, given the slight amount of buzz she's generated in the community.

May (September CGOM slot)

I think May has the most exciting upcoming class, given two of the girls that are huge contenders for the yearly award. I was very stunned by Britney Arianna, who hasn't been getting as much support as I had expected, but whom I would probably give the edge in this month. Britney is really beautiful, and has a very natural and girl-next-door feel, although this might be her Achilles' Heel. She looks fantastic in shots like this one, when she's not trying too hard. She has a killer body, and I'd certainly like to see a lot more of it in September, so she's my choice.

Now, in other months, Britney would gather plenty of support from fans, but May has its own superstar, Jia Lynn, who is a highly touted girl that's gotten tons and tons of fan support. It seems like some are on board to take Jia all the way to CGOY already, and perhaps even further past that, but that's just initial buzz and speculation. She certainly is a gorgeous model, and I'm sure some would take issue with me saying that she shouldn't even win in her own month, but that's what I think, since Britney is curvier and looks more natural. That's not to say I would be disappointed with a win by Jia. She has a soft facial structure that makes her positively angelic, and she never seems to do too much or too little in each of her poses. It's effortless, and I definitely am predicting that she'll be the one come September.

June (October CGOM slot)

October does seem a long time away, considering summer has just started. Not to mention June isn't even over yet. However, we've got a couple girls that are worth keeping your eyes on. This month started off with a bombshell of a model, Crystal Enloe, taking centerstage. I've gotta say, Crystal is a wondrous Playboy model, and someone who has a load of potential, particularly for CGOM, if she does indeed make it. Her pictorial is far more sexual than most CGOW pictorials ever become, with the unusual element of emotion as something Crystal seamlessly tosses in, which is something you don't expect in these debut pictorials. It's strange, because Cyber Girls, at first, always seem a little out of their element when they make their first appearance. Crystal, on the other hand, is completely comfortable in her role, showing off her ample breasts before turning around for this artsy backside shot. I'm telling you, Crystal has the potential to be the true darkhorse success for 2008, so we should keep an eye out for her. She's got talent like no one else so far this year, so maybe she might be the breakout star...

Another intersting entry for June was Lexi Lombardelli, who looked fantastic in her scant lingerie. Lexi was very exotic and enticing, and her body is very well built and looks very hard. Although I think she'll have a tough time against Miss Enloe, it looks like Lexi is well-equipped for any CGOM job, as well.

It looks like we've got a really great lineup of potential superstars in the next couple of months. Every future CGOY comes from humble beginnings as a lowly weekly feature in the Cyber Club, and she works her way up. Before, current Cyber Girl of the Year (and possibly one of the greatest Playboy models of the last decade), Jo Garcia, had her humble beginnings as the June 18, 2007 Cyber Girl of the Week (coincidentally, about a year ago!), and has come quite far to get where she is. Just think of the potential that girls like Dana, Sharae, Britney, and Crystal hold in their futures. So many pictorials, so little time!


Silvio said...

Well, you are right. We are having a lot of stunning beaufiful girls as CGOW but I don´t agree with some choices for CGOM. As may for example, my choice was Diane DeLuna and not Alexandra Penovich (sorry but I don´t think she's beautiful). My choice for june was Cassia Walton, and the winner was Amanda English. So let´s see next months... for july I agree with you, Dana is the best, even why it was a weak month. August for me is Chelsea Co, I miss asian girls as CGOM and Playmates, the last asian playmate was Hiromi Oshima 4 years agoo!!! For september I want Jia, oh my... she´s perfect! October I´d like to see Lexi as CGOM, for me she's the most sexy girl from this year. That´s it.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why there's no love for Demi Jessica for July CGOM. I personally think she's absolutely gorgeous, though Dana isn't bad either.