Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goodbye and Farewell... for now

To my readers and fans,

I believe I owe everyone who follows my blog an explanation on why I haven't posted in a while. There are a number of reasons, both personal and preferential. The #1 reason, though, is that I think Playboy has seriously lost its direction.

As you all know, this blog specializes in Playboy's leading women, known as Playmates. I review each and every Playmate, good or bad, and give my honest opinion on how she ranks among Playboy's best. The Playmates have always held a special place in my heart, with some of my favorites such as Karen McDougal and Shannon Stewart still being, in my view, the most beautiful women ever to grace the planet. And so, I had a passion that I wanted to put down on paper.

Unfortunately, for whatever number of reasons, Playboy has fallen off the map. The recent spate of horrific Playmate choices have provided me no motivation to keep this blog going. Starting with December last year and continuing through Roos Van Montfort, Amanda Booth, and Brit Linn, we've seen a string of far-below-par ladies take the title that was shared by the likes of Karen Witter and Vanessa Gleason. That's a tragedy!

So, I mourn the Playboy that I knew. This isn't a shift to a new era - this is an exercise in sloppiness, in laziness. I can't go on rating women when there's little hope for another "A+" or a home run in my eyes. There's nothing to look forward to.

I'll continue to follow the Playmates periodically, to see if there's someone that's truly hit it out of the park. If there is, maybe I'll come back and post here. For now, please consider it dormant.

I thank you all who've followed my words for the past 7 years. It's been a joy to read your responses and passions, as well. Farewell!

The Playboy Critic


Silvio said...

I am gonna miss your articles! I understand and respect your thought but I really hope to see you here again soon. ;)
It would be nice if we could know at least your pick for 2014 PMOY.
I go with Audrey followed by Alyssa.

Alex said...

I blame it on amateurish photography. Still think that all these playmates could be look much sexier if they were shot by Wayda & Freytag...
Hope yiu'll be back, anyway)

PS: little birdie told me it's definitely not Alyssa, Shawn or Jaslyn. It's also not Carly (my pick). I'm pretty sure that it's Kennedy or Audrey...

Leo said...

Sorry to see you go, PBC. I also stopped following Playboy right around mid year of 2013. I wanted Alyssa as PMOY since I know her and her family but Kennedy was not a bad choice. Its no question that the staff changes at Playboy are responsible for the poor outcomes. I am still shocked the types of pictures I see in the Playmate Pictorials, they look nothing like Playboy. They look like the Playmate Xtras that they used to feature in the Cyber Club some time ago, no surprise since Josh Ryan did the Playmate Xtras. Sad to say some lesser known porn sites have better photography now-a-days. I guess since Playboy is such a big name it will still survive. But it defintely itsnt what it once was. Like many things are now-a-days...
Take Care PBC, thanks for all the years of incredible reviews!