Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catching Up on Cyber GIrls

Having focused on Playmates for a bit, due to the influx of quality ones, I can't help but feel like I've neglected the Cyber Girl market for a little while. Looking over recent entries, there probably is a reason why I haven't kept up with them.

Since Kortnie O'Connor in January, whom I absolutely loved (and fully endorse for CGOY 2008), there have been mostly flat, poorly shot girls as CGOMs. Nancy Erminia, Ashlee Jae, Samantha Harris, and Jillian Beyor were all flops and disappointments. But of course, the CGOW selection wasn't anything to shout about, either.

Then came Jennifer Hurt in June, whose move from Coed of the Month to CGOM came with fame. Jenny was extremely cute, but ridiculously one-dimensional. Her posing was very predictable, and I just felt like she was pretty much a waste of a perfectly good body. In July, Marie Francis was no compensation, with a thin body and no talent to be found. She had a cute face, but nothing that hadn't been seen before.

So I've been losing faith in CGOMs, and since nothing's been on the horizon until the recent influx of great CGOW candidates (which I'll post on soon, I promise), I thought I'd review the most recent CGOM, Miss August Patrycja Mikula.

Patrycja is, simply put, a cookie-cutter model. She's very cute, has an excellent body, and a great sense of posing. In fact, her posing abilities are what make her quality material. With a closer look, you can tell that she's a great girl, but not dynamic and sexy enough to be annual award-winning material.

Her lingerie in her first pictorial is simple and full of sex appeal. Her body is instantly tantalizing and her moves are top-notch. As she begins to strip off her bra, she does it with precision, and each photo is snapped at the right time. The problem comes down to this for me... Patrycja may look better with her clothes on. Check out this photo, and then move along and see if you agree with me. And please, hear me out on this one.

Once Patty's clothes come off, her focus becomes her face. Usually, her expressions look awkward, but when clothes are there, her breasts are lifted, her sex appeal stays under wraps. When she takes things off, the mystery is gone, and now you look at the whole nude package. When her bottoms come off, it adds to the problem, since her vagina loses its appeal once it begins to look generic and boring.

If you don't believe me about this trend, look at Patrycja's other pictorial so far. Her black lingerie outfit is amazing. It leaves it all to the imagination, and covers up her simple, unimpressive features. Don't get me wrong, any girl looks great naked, and Patty's body is nothing if not flawless. But again, when she's got it all off, there's nothing left to be desired, and her face and posing aren't enough to keep the viewer interested for long.

To wrap it up, the Cyber Girls are in trouble, or have been for some time. Next, I'll take you all on a tour of the more recent CGOW's, who are poised to raise the bar on the criteria for how beautiful a Cyber Girl can be, especially when compared with a Playmate. Patrycja is possibly the best CGOM since Kortnie O'Connor, but still can't come near Kortnie's superior beauty. She lacks in interest, but is definitely a keeper and a good choice.

Consensus... C+

Patrycja Mikula
Cyber Girl of the Month
August 2007

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