Sunday, September 2, 2007

Return of a Classic

Back in 1995, Rhonda Adams was a woman who painted a picture of what Playmates were supposed to look like for years to come. She had a fresh, modern look, more advanced posing technique, and better photographic qualities for the later half of the 90's. Rhonda's influence extends into the 2000's, where many Playmates still replicate her style today.

If you disagree, just think about it. Before Rhonda, the only other Playmate to bring a more edgy style into the forefront was Elisa Bridges, who would hardly be comparable to many girls we see today. After Rhonda, we saw Alicia Rickter, Gillian Bonner, and several other revolutionary Playmates take it a step further. But it was still Rhonda's appeal and maturity that took centerstage in the transformation.

A new serving of Miss Adams just hit the Cyber Club. Her test shots, which sparked these winds of change, have been released.

The pictorial is fresh and sexy, as for usual Rhonda fare. Let's just say that her body looks as sharp as ever. Rhonda's main point, as I've observed of her over time being a fan, is that she exudes youth physically, but she has an uncanny aura of maturity. Rhonda was only in her early 20s when she started posing, but when she got dressed up, she looked like a finely aged queen of sexuality. This photo, for example, pits Rhonda in her natural environment... sensible and perfectly proportioned. Rhonda never went overboard, and always did just enough in her photos to come out gorgeously.

With all of her grown-up sensibilities, she still looks ravishing when she's playful. Here, for instance, she's still in her element. Pic 12 is a classic shot of Miss Adams, reminiscent of her great pictorial moments. She's at her best when her curves are out, but she's not making a scene of it. It's not overt, but completely sexy nonetheless. That's what made her a revolutionary... her balance. An angel at work, that's all. I thought this photo was a good touch for the end of the pictorial, showing off Rhonda's cheer and charm in one shot.

All in all, Rhonda's new pictorial follows the trend of what she was best known for... simplicity and sex appeal, wrapped in one neat package. Although she's a girl who can be summed up in a finite number of words, that's what made her so unique, in the first place.

Consensus... B

Rhonda Adams
Miss June 1995
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