Monday, January 7, 2008

#14 - Monica Leigh

Our most contemporary Playmate on this list, Monica Leigh was Miss March 2006. A gorgeous New York beauty from just last year, Monica also won Cyber Girl of the Year 2006 and has been a featured Playboy girl ever since. The only girl ever to become Playmate of the Month as well as Cyber Girl of the Year, Monica was a one-in-a-million talent. Even though she just became a recent star, she's made enough of an impact and is enough of an outstanding talent to be one of the greatest ever. In 2006, she competed with modern-day superstars like current reigning PMOY Sara Jean Underwood, as well as Janine Habeck and Cassandra Lynn. Although Monica was head-and-shoulders better than the others in 2006, she failed to take the crown, possibly because of her extensive success as CGOY.

PMOY or not, Monica is and was one of the very best Playboy has ever shown us. She wowed us with a picture-perfect body, impeccable posing, a gorgeous Latina heritage, and photo upon photo of tantalizing goodness. There's no way to argue that Monica isn't one of the most flawless Playmates of all-time, and it's indeed arguable that she may be one of the greatest to emerge in the post-Golden Era of the late 1990's.

If you've been following Playboy recently, you may know all about Monica already. Her Playmate pictorial is both polished and focused, and feeds off Monica's awesome talents easily. Her tight top and sexual stare make for incredible poses, while her dirty, leaning poses totally uncover her outstanding curves. The hottest pictures that Monica does are those where she is active and moving, like this one, where she's looking out the window with sunlight penetrating her tanned and beautiful body. If you think she can't pull off the spicy look, check this leaning photo out, where she pinches her nipples and lays back in a sexy straight-hair pose. One of my favorite things about Monica has always been her fantastic nipples, which are constantly erect and always amazingly sexy. Here's a great close-up of those wonderful nipples... probably the 8th and 9th wonders of the world. To touch it all off, Monica stands up in a stretching pose that uncovers her fantastic, slim proportions, then introduces what is possibly her finest photo. In this AMAZING Pic 24, Monica looks like a pure goddess, unleashing her curves in the shadows and shooting a sizzling look to the camera that only she could ever give. She then bends over to end the gorgeous pictorial with grace.

Monica Leigh is obviously deserving of high praise and a spot in the Playboy record books for her lofty accomplishments. She's garnered numerous awards and should be easily considered one of the greatest of all time for her engaging look and outstanding posing abilities. In fact, I'm waiting in the wing to see even more of Monica's dynamic posing. Yes, her CGOY pictorial had plenty to offer, but wasn't moving and impulsive enough to really satisfy a real fan of the trade. Her March 2006 pictorial just shone in terms of how well the pictures were taken and how enthusiastic Monica was in each of them. Such a great girl... you might be thinking how it could get any better. Well, that's only #14... we're not even halfway done yet!


Luke said...

Another flawless review! Those are all my favorite pics of Monica. When shes looking out the window, only she could make something like that seem so incredibly sexy. Another of her best are her ballerina set. But my favorite picture has to be when she is in the bedroom. I forgot the number, but it is her best one. She makes that pic so oozing with sensuality but yet she is very elegant, poised, and romantic at the same time. Monica is also wayyyyy higher on my list, like probably top 5 greatest of all time. Also worth noting is her classic 36-24-36 mind blowing proportions. Monica is a true classic, and although she didnt get PMOY she placed I beleive third after Alison Waite, who is another classic...

LoveFemNude said...

I have been commenting on your list from the top today and there's no pick so far that I disagree with more than this one. Monica does not even rate in the top half of 2006 for me. She is a well built girl who poses well but we are talking the best of Playmates here. Her face isn't the best and there are so many other Playmates I find much more beautiful than her.