Friday, January 25, 2008

Featured Photo - 1/25

In 2005, Miss September was a plain Jane with not a whole lot about her that really kept her in our minds until now. Playmates need defining moments and great photographs to define their careers, and Vanessa Hoelscher wasn't anyone to really mobilize a fan base or get people excited.

All except for one feature.

In her pictorial, photo #5 was absolutely breathtaking. It's a backside shot of hers that was shot for the magazine spread, with perfect lighting and an even more perfect pose by Vanessa. The photo is gently lit without overpowering or bleaching out the model, while bringing out the natural colors in her body. Her butt looks excellent and perfect, and the arch of her back is sexy because of the way she clasps the walls to her sides. Everything about this pose makes it a classic: from the way Vanessa's hair lightly wafts against her face, to that irresistible look on her face, complete with those hot eyelashes and those classic parted lips. One thing that sells the photo is the way Vanessa holds on to the walls, with her elbows bent in a picture-perfect pose. I never thought Vanessa was the most photogenic model, but boy did she work it in this one. She wants it, and she wants it hard in this one. Great job, Miss Hoelscher.

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