Monday, January 21, 2008

Ringing In the New Year

Playboy decided to go for the New Year with a bang, since 2007 ended with a fizzle. They elected to get some outside help, too. Introducing Sandra Nilsson, a - get this - Swedish brunette with lots of European sophistication and flavor. Sandra got my interest with her preview, where she looked mature and alluring. I didn't really realize that she was Swedish, that fact having skipped my mind when I saw her flowing brown locks. But yes, there are brunettes in Sweden, and Playboy's found a great one, here.

One thing that's easy to notice about Sandra is that she's polished and flowing in each one of her photos, not to mention she has a ton of natural beauty. She's not overtly sexual, and in that there may be her weakness, but she's really nice to lay eyes on, and certainly looks excellent with no clothes on.

Heck, Sandra even looks great with clothes on. In her first picture, that dress complements her eyes and hair so well, I just wish I could take a good look at her for even longer. Sandra, however, does get naked, and I'm not upset she did, getting a good look at her tall, flowing body. Sandra gets down and dirty... well, as dirty as she can possibly get. But she doesn't really ever go full-on with her mood, only hinting at her lustiness and never really even showing much of her vagina. Most of her shots are slanted enough that you can barely even see her labia. She does have beautiful, sophisticated poses like this one, capturing her subtle beauty and particular facial features that make her very unique. Her centerfold also is a pretty one, taking her aura of beauty into account.

What Sandra Nilsson brings to the table is simply not enough in this day and age. Playboy fans demand more sexuality in their Playmates, and these girls have been selected to deliver both class as well as the "goods." The evolution of Playboy from a tongue-in-cheek entity to a more full-blown service providing candid shots of beautiful women is what we expect. Sandra herself is an incredibly gorgeous woman, but I just wish there was more to evaluate her by. So far, however, Playboy is on the right track starting 2008, and previews of lovely Michelle McLaughlin look promising, as well. Kudos!

Consensus... B+

Sandra Nilsson
Miss January 2008

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