Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Wait 'Til December?

Miss January shows that maturity and a refined taste count for something.

Coming off a stellar year of Playmates, and easily one of the best in history, it's hard to imagine that Playboy could maintain that consistency with the 2010 class. Besides, how could 2010 possibly get off to the same kind of start, with gals like Dasha Astafieva and Jessica Burciaga coming off the gate a year ago?

Well, not only have they done it, but Playboy might have found a girl who could be a lock for the top 3 when all is said and done. Miss January, Jaime Faith Edmondson, is an absolute firecracker, in every sense of the word. At the same time, she's also part of a fading breed of Playmate - the older woman. Jaime is 31 years old, well above the 21-22 year old average we've seen in recent years. As Playmates get younger and younger and flirt with the 18 to 19 year age range, seeing an older girl with plenty of spark is refreshing and very welcome.

But Jaime doesn't just "work it" at her age, and squeak by as a Playmate. She could easily show those young guns a thing or two. She is absolutely radiant in all her photos, hitting awesome poses. Her lack of youth keeps her from taking on a flashy, over the top attitude, but instead keeps her grounded with a classy, elegant look.

From the very start, Jaime is unbelievable. This photo draws in the audience: her body is exquisite. Her very good height (5'8") and legginess is balanced out by a great, curvy set of breasts and a gorgeous skin complexion. It takes a little while to fully appreciate Jaime's body, which might stand at the end as one of the best bodies of any Playmate in 2010.

Jaime's true climax comes in her "railcar" pictorial set, where she dons a red robe and shoots looks like this one to the camera. Jaime's face may be the most interesting part of her story as a model - it's very alluring and unbelievably sensual, but she rarely cracks a smile, and never a toothy one. Somehow, though, it suits her well. She is just so statuesque, at times you feel like this girl needs to be painted somewhere.

The list keeps on going when it comes to awesome shots of Jaime. She keeps going with the railcar, swinging from poles in a classy set of poses with a gorgeous bralette. This is actually a theme for Jaime: the producers feature her in a shelf bralette in many of her photos, including her closing set, which contrasts the beautiful tone of her skin with some vibrant colors. As she does close it out, you get a feel for how talented she is, with some awesome shots, twisting and contorting her body to get the most out of her dreamy lines.

  • Facial: B+ Her facial expressions are a strength and a weakness, with sexy stares but not a smile in sight.
  • Body: A+ Jaime is tall, very well toned, curvaceous, and oozing with sexual energy.
  • Talent: A+ She has more skill as a model than anybody, with awesome poses and a knack for the camera at every flashbulb.
  • Pictorial: A Her photos are beautifully themed, with colorful backdrops and fitting themes. The biggest problem? They weren't very revealing at all.
  • Centerfold: B Jaime hid her genitals in this photo, and the washed out colors made it mediocre.
  • Overall: A Miss Edmondson was a major surprise, to say the very least. The fact that a 31 year old Playmate could bring so much amazing energy and passion to a pictorial is astounding and overwhelming. Her body is striking, her posing is flawless, and her photos were taken with the utmost care. Would it be appropriate to crown her right now? We do have to wait until December to see the other ladies, but it sure does feel like Jaime will be in the top 3 when all is said and done. A seminal talent like this is hard to come by, and to see a refreshing mix of maturity and pure talent in an era of 18-year-old "dumb blondes" is absolutely awesome.


Angry Hunter said...

Excuse me but what ever happened to your promise to go over the honorable mentions for your list of all time "Top 25"? Stop wasting our time!

Leo said...

Jamie is gorgeous. One of the finest playmates in some time. Wouldnt mind her as PMOY.

Silvio said...

She is a beautiful women, has an exceptional body but I didn't like her pictorial. It's too 80's for me. But it's not her fault. For me she is B.