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1995 Playmate Review

Playboy recently remastered some pics from the 12 Playmates of 1995 to revisit the "1995 Playmate Review." Being a buff, all the girls of the past mean something, especially in the golden days of the late 90's, where the girls were classics that can't be matched.

I'll look over this pictorial in itself, checking out the remastered copies for these great girls...

Featured Pictorial: 1995 Playmate Review (remastered)

After skipping over one of the more forgettable girls of 1995, Melissa Holliday, I find Lisa Marie Scott, Miss February. The second photo is a great show of how cute Lisa can get. Although she was also lost in the 1995 class, I think she was one of the better girls of the year.

Stacy Sanches, Miss March, was voted the Playmate of the Year in 1995. Her photos are as poorly done and uncharming as any of her pictorials. She didn't deserve to win PMOY, being a terrible poser with a subpar look that wasn't unique at all. She stole the contest from the likes of the later Playmates featured this year. Just look at her second entry, and tell me with a straight face that her snatch looks attractive. She's uninspiring and not PMOY material!

Miss April 1995 was Danelle Folta, who was an exotic looking girl that had her moments in the light. Her second picture is great for showing off her engaging stare. Althoug her own pictorial is far better, these entries do her some justice.

Cindy Brown of May makes my rant about Stacy even more deep-rooted. Just look at this girl-next-door cutie, and tell me she doesn't deserve some attention. She was lost in the annals of Playboy, covered up by the Anna Nicole Smiths and Stacy Sancheses... why do all the popular girls have to take all the attention? Cindy's selection in this pictorial are excellent.. probably the best stuff yet.

Next is Rhonda Adams, who I thought should have won PMOY in 1995 outright. She's tantalized me ever since I was younger, and her more mature look and cute, petite body make her incredibly sexy. The 1995 review showcases one of her greatest pictorials, with Photo 12 showing off her golden curves. She was a model with great presence... definitely a classic.

Heidi Mark is a bit of an overrated girl as Miss July, and I never got the big deal behind her. 1995 was pockmarked by some hidden talents and some overpublicized flops, and Heidi represents the latter, while Miss August, Rachel Jean Marteen has got to be one of the most underrated Playmates of the mid 90s. In this remastered pictorial, her entries are pathetic, with her second picture looking terrible. What is that she's wearing?? Her real pictorial does her lots of justice.. she's exotic, beautiful, and has a killer body. And yet, she's been forgotten by most.

Remember Donna D'Errico?? No? No one? Well look at this, and now you should. She was one of the powerhouse bombshells of 1995, and yet she was totally out of contention for the PMOY race. AND she's only got one picture in this pictorial! She certainly deserves more than this. Tsk tsk, Playboy...

And don't get me started on Alicia Rickter. Probably my favorite Playmate of 1995, she's got the PERFECT girl-next-door look. Look at this picture from her original pictorial, Photo 34. That's a classic, part of her library pictorial series. In this remastered pictorial, Alicia's selections are lame, with Pic 18 being a pathetic attempt at showing any sort of Alicia's gorgeous glow. Whoever put this review together definitely wasn't looking to highlight any one of these girls.

Holly Witt? Let's just jump right over that one... *shakes head* What a mistake, Hef...

The year closed off with Samantha Torres, another underrated Playmate with sexy Latina roots. Great shots were chosen here, as her green bustier was sizzling throughout the photos.

All in all, maybe 1995 wasn't the best year to look back at. The pictorial was terrible and amateurish, and definitely not representative of what some of these girls can do alone. Scott, Brown, Adams, D'Errico, Rickter, Marteen... where are they now? They were the highlights of this up-and-down year, and I hope that Playboy fans still appreciate what they did to pave the way for Playboy's "look" to the late 90's, where we had some of the greatest Playmates ever.

Consensus... C

Playmate Review 1995 (remastered)

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