Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Across the Pond

I'll start out the day talking about Playboy's "UK Cyber Girls" feature, with platinum blond Victoria Taylor taking center stage. I thought I'd put her under the microscope as the first international girl that I take a look at.

Featured Pictorial: Cyber Girls UK - Victoria Taylor
Victoria fits the mold of what the recent UK Cyber Girls have looked like... girls like Kellie Acreman or Holly Newberry. The look is laden with lots of makeup, lots of glamor, lots of shine. The pictorials are all bright and full of gaudy jewelery and sexy lipstick.

Victoria doesn't delve too far from Playboy UK's formula. Check out Photo 3, one that Vicky uses to get you ready for her look. The costuming is great, the photography and editing is brilliant, and Vicky captures the camera's attention without fail.

Of course, like the other UK Cyber Girls so far, there's not much unique about Victoria. From start to finish, she puts on the same awkward frown, barely ever letting out a grin. Her thick lips and sexy mouth make it work, but it's still a cookie-cutter technique that's popular in Britain.

By Photo 16, Vicky's nude, but not showing much in the talent department. Her posing is terrible, and her body is no hourglass. There are few flattering photos of her behind like Photo 19, which is good only because of Vicky's radiant hair and skin (which are pretty impressive, as you can see).

All in all, Vicky isn't anything new. Her features are plain, her pictorial is over-the-top and too
dressed up for its own good, and she can't pose worth anything. A pretty forgettable girl.

Consensus... B-

Victoria Taylor
UK Cyber Girl of the Week

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