Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shannon's Playmate Preview

I'm looking forward to seeing what Shannon James has to offer as Miss May 2007. Her Playmate Preview has been out for a little while, and she looks like something different from the same old stuff that's been going on for a while in the Playmate department.

Towards the end of 2006, I think Playboy slipped on the Playmate selections. Yeah, there were only a handful that weren't stellar, but that's enough, since there are only 12 each year, and I think that these girls should be the most amazing girls they could possibly find.

Jordan Monroe (October) was cute but not Playmate material. Sarah Elizabeth (Nov) was really unimpressive. Kia Drayton (Dec) was exotic, but flat and boring.

2007 is starting to look good, with beautiful Jayde Nicole (Jan) and the amazingly hot Tyran Richard (Mar). Heather Rene Smith (Feb) is another blonde, but she's got a way with things that's ridiculously sexy.

Shannon James looks like yet another blonde at first, but she looks promising. Her bust shot caught my attention most of all. I know it doesn't show her in all her glory, but she's got a glow about her, and a sexy look that's a lot like Tyran's.

The rest of her pictorial doesn't look too great... her breasts are too small to impress with her body alone, and the quality of the pics are along the lines of most preview pictorials. Besides her bust shot, the only nude photo that caught my attention was Photo 20, which was cute and natural... I'm hoping to see more of this in a couple of weeks!

Consensus... B-
Shannon James
May 2007 Playmate Preview

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