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Kortnie O'Connor is a real fox who's been on my Playboy radar, since I found her a bit late. She was the January 2007 CGOM, definitely worth a nod. At first, I passed her over because I wasn't impressed with lots of the more recent Cyber Girls, but Kortnie is worth mentioning.

She's got everything that makes Playboy great, and all the elements that make it worthwhile to keep watching for new talents.

Featured Pictorial: "Wildfire"
This one was pretty indicative of how amazing Kortnie is at posing. Her face is so fresh and young, and it looks like her most important feature is her cheery, bright face. Her eyes engage and delight, and her smile is priceless. She definitely looks like she's having fun out there.

Standout Photos
Photo 7: Not only does Kortnie have a great face, her body is made of dreams. Even with clothes on, she shines and looks radiant
Photo 15: Check out this stare that she shoots at the camera... what a beauty

Also make sure you check out the video for the Wildfire pictorial. Select it from the main page here. It 's amazing, and it really shows off her little nuances. She's one of those girls who isn't too different looking in her video as she is in her pictures, but she's definitely fun to watch in real life.

Kortnie's latest pictorial in the collection is "Sweetheart," which is really different from any of the other showcases in the CGOM collection. She looks white and pale, and the red lingerie just doesn't look flattering. It could suit some people's tastes, but Sweetheart wasn't doing it for me. Something about Kortnie's makeup was off, especially in the last few shots.

The other pictorials of Kortnie are "Curves" and "High Humidity," which were both pretty impressive. I'd say Curves is pretty similar to Wildfire, except she's got some sexy white lingerie (like in Photo 5) that really suit her and make her look more mature. High Humidity is full of sexy, different photos that show Kortnie in a sauna, sweating it up. Most of the start of this pictorial is a little slow, but it culminates with some great shots of her curves (see Photo 18).

So let's put it all together... you have to see Kortnie to believe her, but I think she's a great way to kick off 2007 and that she's already a good CGOY contender. She brings a little spark into the young Cyber Girl crowd, especially since it deviates from the diva-like blonde bombshells of Playmate lore of recent times. She's got a fantastic and rock hard body, great poses, and brings great pictorials to the table. I'll say that "Sweetheart" is Playboy's own fault, and I'll say that 3 out of 4 pictorials ain't half bad!

Consensus: A-

Kortnie O'Connor
Jan 2007 CGOM Pictorials

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