Sunday, November 11, 2007

#18 - The Bernaola Twins

Carol and Darlene Bernaola were the surprise twin "millennium Playmates," who ushered in the 2000's with sparkle and wonder. The late 90's into the early 2000's were a memorable time for Playboy fans everywhere. Carol and Darlene ushered in a class of 2000 littered with famous names like Suzanne Stokes, Nicole Lenz, Brande Roderick, Brooke Berry, Shannon Stewart, Neferteri Shepherd, Nichole Van Croft, and Buffy Tyler... all in the same year! It was definitely the start of a new golden age for Playboy, and the start of it all was nothing short of amazing.

Playboy offered to kick off the millennium with twins. The Peruvian beauties rivaled anything Playboy had done before with a twin-girl monthly ticket. Carol and Darlene are sensual and fantastic. What really makes twins great, though, is awesome chemistry. A great sense of interactivity between the two girls can make a world of difference, especially when you see that the girls are having fun and taking their posing to another level by helping each other. And that's definitely what makes the Bernaola twins perhaps the greatest duo in Playboy's history. They work together so well, and can even be comfortably sexual with each other, giving the pictorials a kinky, otherworldly feel that is just plain naughty. Not to mention that these girls have bodies that are nearly perfect, and two of them just makes it gratuitously outrageous.

You start off with the pictorial knowing what the motif is for these twin models... sparkle, pomp, and glitter. These ladies are in-your-face from the get-go, starting with clear mesh tops strewn on their bronzed bodies. Carol and Darlene intertwine their bodies throughout the pictorial, giving a sense of closeness and sexuality that you just can't have with a single girl. As the girls begin to get wild, dancing and partying, their pictorial becomes grandiose and becomes a major production. But it's not there where these girls really get their kicks. When they calm down and turn down the lights, like in Pic 10, they really start to shimmer. The twins are sexy and sultry all the time, with their nothing outfits showing their substantial features. Talk about identical twins! These ladies are buff and lean, and both are identically flawless. Pic 11 shows off their brilliant chemistry in a delectably close shot, where the sisters share some quality time, touching and feeling. And their South American heritage mitigates any sense that their intimacy is awkward. It simply can't happen when you have such exotic girls being so comfortable with each other. This photo is a fantastic rear shot, showing off the girls' Latina behinds with just a bit of vagina showing through their mesh dresses. It's outrageously sexy, and the fact that there are two of them makes it all the more fantastical. Another curvy side shot is Pic 21, a great symmetrical montage of these superb figures. Their ability to balance out any shot and work together prevent them from ever having a bad one. The playfulness is what sets them apart, always smiling and having a good time, and having the advantage all the while of being able to expose the front of one and the back of the other, giving almost a 360-degree view of one beautiful model. The interactivity and closeness of the twins is seen in photos like this one, where the nude undertone is fantastically juxtaposed with sisterly love. It gets even closer here, and it almost makes you want to drop your jaw and marvel at their compatibility, and embrace their in-your-face sexuality as well.

After all of that, go take a look at one of the finest centerfolds Playboy has ever made. Again, we have the all-around view of these ladies, as we see a perfect embrace and a picturesque pair of women that took the bar and raised it more than just a few notches.

Carol and Darlene were nothing short of amazing in their photos. They were a pair of bubbly sweethearts from Peru who took interactive sexuality to a whole new level. On top of all that, their personalities showed in their photos almost as well as their bodies dazzled their audiences. There's no question why they share the #18 spot as some of the greatest Playmates of all-time, as their impact in the Playmate world can still be felt today, from lesbian pictorials to any girl-on-girl affair.


Luke said...

These have to be my favorite twins from Playboy. Worth noting here, is the sheer joy they are having from start to finish, almost like it was the greatest day of their entire life. After reading their story you get an insight at how hard they had it growing up. But they matured into elegant and steaming hot ladies with killer curves and beautiful smiles. I like how risquee the pictorial got at times when one twin is choking the other with what looks to be a necklace of some sort. But their centerfold was defintely the best. I really loved how their bust lines met at the same place and how exact their features were. These are by far the greatest twins, but close second are another spicy latina set, the Teles twins... I have seen the shannon twins centerfold already and it is the same pose the Bernaola did, so it shouldn't be too bad...

LoveFemNude said...

Sorry but this is the worst pick in your entire list. A good number of people believe these girls were never Playmate material. Their faces are decent and their bodies maybe a little above average. They don't connect with the camera either. What works for them as you outlined is the interaction between them. Their centerfold also I found really great. However as far as placing them in this list is concerned I suppose I could line up at least five people who will place them among the worst 25 Playmates of all time.