Monday, November 26, 2007

Rising Star in the Spotlight

So as Playboy was doing their usual thorough search over the country to find the latest and greatest, they presented us with Trina. This beauty from the San Mateo casting call amazed me with this photo, and I didn't hesitate to give my feedback on this find.

Well, sure enough, Playboy worked their magic on a potential superstar, and Trina Marie is Cyber Girl of the Week! I won't even go so far as to rate her pictorial right now, because I think she's a shoe-in for CGOM right away, especially after seeing Kristy Joe close off the month. April Ireland of week 2 might be of some competition, but I don't think she even compares to Trina.

Why else would I rave so much about a CGOW so soon? Playboy has been hitting on all cylinders with their weekly girls lately. Trina's pictorial takes on the flash and sexiness of a monthly pictorial, especially with that wild outfit. As she gets naughty, you see that she's got the Playboy treatment since her casting call, with highlights in her hair and a smoothed out skin tone. She looks like a superstarlet, and she's definitely Playmate of the Month material. You can see Trina's curves come out in this photo, where her cute face and huge DD-sized natural breasts take center stage. It was just immediately obvious to me how much talent Trina has for posing and teasing the camera. She can lift her shirt and flash those gorgeous eyes, and then lean back, narrow those eyes and give the sexiest stare around. The pictorial ramps up for an incredible climax when Trina gets into a doggy-style position, with her great butt in focus. She then lays down, spreads those golden thighs, and oozes all the sex out of her body for one last hurrah.

There's no question that Trina is eye-poppingly sexy. She has an ability to pose like a professional, and I'm incredibly enticed to see what else she's got in store. Not having her as CGOM would be a horrible travesty... I'm counting on you, Playboy!

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