Saturday, November 3, 2007

#19 - Raquel Gibson

Raquel Gibson was Miss November 2005, a girl who stuck out among a great group of girls in the early millennium, in the great turn-around of the post-Playmate "golden era" of the late 90's. Raquel was a Filipino-Italian wonder with a unique Floridian look and a penchant for incredible posing. As our first Playmate of the countdown in the new millennium, Raquel was a shining star when she came out. Her knockout body is beyond words, and is something only an interesting mix of ethnic qualities can provide. She makes it on the list by breaking in with an exceptional look.

Raquel stormed in to the class of 2005 against contenders like Destiny Davis, Jamie Westenhiser, and PMOY Kara Monaco. But it's Raquel who should have been Playmate of the Year in this tightly-contested race. Her bodily proportions are extraordinary (34C-24- and an amazing 35" hips!), and her sexuality and out-of-this-world look made our jaws drop. So what was it about this angel that makes her one of the best ever?

It's easy to see if you start from behind. Those 35" hips show in this photo, and many thereafter, as Raquel's butt is beyond words. But it's very true, Raquel was just dead sexy. In pic 11, a magazine spread shows off her admirable height (5' 4") and the thick thighs and vouptuousness that comes with it. Just take a look at Raquel's face, body, and total package. Her eyes intimate an Asian flair, and her tanned body is creamy and as smooth as butter. Let's just say that she's absolutely stacked. Her curves are phenomenal. This shot is an interestingly artistic shot which is unusual in a Playmate portfolio, but is pleasantly sexy, as it shows off the perfect flow from the small of Raquel's back into her amazing buttocks. The artistry continues in pic 18, where an overhead shot shows the profile of Miss Gibson's great breasts. Raquel's pictorial is very appropriately themed, as her wet, exotic nature meshes well with her unusual appearance. Once you finish browsing her tantalizing pictorial, check out her centerfold. It's simple, hot, and the look on Raquel's face, as well as those pouty lips, is priceless.

And if you still can't get enough of Raquel, I'd recommend her preview pictorial. It has a bust shot that's beyond compare, a profile shot that's one of Raquel's very best, and pictures like this one, that make it obvious why Raquel is one of the most amazing Playmates in history. Be sure to see it, because it puts a clean, plain setting for Raquel to play around with, and she does a fantastic job.

It's very tough to argue why Raquel shouldn't be even higher on this list, but trust me there're plenty more girls to see! But it's true that Raquel is one of the best Playmates we've seen in years. She's a more recent girl, but she was so surprising that she belongs in the annals of Playboy history. And since she's been ranked higher than girls like Westcott, Sorenson, and Bonner, we're already giving Raquel the respect that's due. She's cracked the top 20 for a reason, and that's because she's simply perfect.


Anonymous said...

She was my pick for PMOY that year. Smoking hot with fantastic bod and exotic look. Her Italian and Filippino heritage has made her look uniquely beautiful. Her set on the beach with the boat is one of the best outdoor pictorials in recent years. The ones with her lounging around the boat and getting all sweaty are just molten lava hot!!! Way too hot!! Oh my!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she made the leap into Playboy. She is definitely one of the hottest bikini model around and she surly doesn't disappoint when the swimsuit comes off. Now if she can convince her older sister CJ to join her in the sorority of Playmate sisterhood...

LoveFemNude said...

Raquel is a wonderful Playmate no doubt and very well loved at that but for me Amanda Paige was without doubt #1 for 2005 and #2 was a close choice between Kara Monaco and Raquel. Raquel has a unique look and is both cute and sexy but Amanda is nearly letter perfect. I think the world of Playmate fans is strongly divided on this one.