Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cyber Girl Report

With the recent downturn in quality Cyber Girls of the Month, I've been feeling particularly dejected about the quality of recent Playboy girls. I mean, we haven't had a truly superb CGOM since January (which was, by the way, one of the greatest Cyber Girls in recent history, Kortnie O'Connor). Since then we've just had too many flops, like the overdone Nancy Erminia, the cute-but-inconsistent Ashlee Jae, the extremely bland Samantha Harris, forgettable Jillian Beyor, overplayed Jennifer Hurt, small-breasted Marie Francis, and awkward Patrycja Mikula. Not to mention that the current CGOM, Stephanie Olson, is a complete disaster.

Stephanie's body is tatooed, gritty, and nothing short of unattractive. It's too skinny, oddly proportioned, and her face is completely undynamic. She doesn't change facial expressions throughout many of her pictorials, and she barely even shows any distinction between her pictorials, anyway.

It gets worse if you look at Stephanie's hair. It's completely overprocessed, showing a platinum look that's dated and completely unnatural. It makes her look like a robot or Barbie doll, completely defeating the trend that Playboy has established with Playmates of late.

I know you're going for a hard approach with more mixed girls and a more edgier look, Playboy, but come on. Stephanie isn't suited for any role of Cyber Girl, especially after the superb ladies we've seen as CGOM in years past. There is hope, and that hope lies in the new CGOW's that are emerging lately. But on this one, I've seen one of the worst Cyber Girls in recent history make it to the next level towards annual greatness.

Consensus... D

Stephanie Olson
Cyber Girl of the Month pictorials
September 2007

As I've been meaning to discuss for quite some time now, the Cyber Girls of the Week have recently become something to take notice of. In the past, I didn't even see great CGOM's with quality weekly pictorials before their ascent. But now, new girls are coming out every week that are top-notch... some maybe even Playmate material. But let's not jump the gun. Let's take a look at this month's awesome lineup.

This month has been very enticing for Cyber Girls of the Week. Lots of fresh faces and potential stars are on the rise, starting with Week 1 and Angi Mari Yangas. Angi is sexy and fresh, but brings a touch of mature sexuality to the table. Her body is awesome, not to mention her sexy stare. It was certainly a refreshing change to see a more mature, put together girl in a weekly pictorial.

September continued with Week 2's Meghan Allen, a blonde Texas bombshell with plenty of southwestern blue-eyed goodness. Seriously, Meghan is the real deal, and is definitely a future star, from what I've seen. Her presence in front of the camera is breathtaking, as she does it here, and again, and repeatedly shows off her gorgeous face and awesome posing technique. Her body is stacked, hard, raw, and picturesque. Her backside shots were some of the best I've ever seen for a CGOW pictorial, and I can only imagine what she'd bring to the table for a monthly issue.

Week 3 brought Francessca DeMarco, who came in with her cute little babydoll, waiting to impress. Francessca is charming and alluring, with a beautiful smile always complementing that rock-hard body. Hell, even when she isn't smiling, she's got the camera's attention with her undeniable beauty. She's an example of what sets September's class apart from CGOW classes of the past: the sheer ability to speak to the camera with their bodies and to capture a scene without much effort. Fran is natural and gorgeous towards the end, and I wouldn't mind one bit if she was CGOM, either. Just look at her, she's so youthful and has lots of potential.

All in all, it's been a good month, and the hits just keep on coming. July was also an excellent month for Cyber Girls, as Mary Karola and Jessica Jones stole the show with their great posing skills and beauty. It's only a matter of time before CGOM's are picked from these exciting classes, where we'll see a real influx of awesome pictorials and tons more to go over!

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