Sunday, September 30, 2007

Foreign Charm

The charm and novelty of a face from a different country is sometimes underestimated. When you look, though, at the offerings of Playmates across the globe, you'll find right away that beauty comes in all sorts of different styles. In my mind, the fun of Playboy is the fact that you never see the same face twice. But recently, and in the past few years, you might not see the same girl twice, but you might see girls who look exactly the same as each other. It sometimes feels like Americans have created a blueprint, and that's what they want to see day after day, week after week.

Foreign Playmates can change that monotony. I just wish some of these girls would come to the USA to show the folks here that Americans love girls from eastern Europe and South America just as much, if not even more, than their North American counterparts.

Take Tina Kovacevic of Serbia, for example. She's a refreshing, smooth starter for anyone new to European Playmates. Her look isn't overpoweringly unfamiliar, but it's still unique and exotic enough to get someone excited about that freshness. Her sexuality is immediately noticeable, and she goes on to show off her assets in a full-on shot. Tina is skinny and large-breasted at the same time, and her jet black hair isn't very commonplace for a light-skinned girl in the USA. Look down, and you even see something between her legs that you don't see here anymore. Kind of refreshing, huh?

The pictorial now takes a more artistic feel, since one thing that characterizes European pictorials is a touch of artsy processing. It makes each pictorial unique, but sometimes also makes the girls feel more idolized and less natural. The first shot is gorgeous, and has an uncanny way of really putting some light on Tina's body and making her skin look flawless. She stumbles a little with some slouched shots like this one. You know I can't stand bad posture and form, although lots of photographers feel like it brings out a familiar humanness in the models. I'll pass on that. Miss Kovacevic continues with sexy full nude shots like this pose, and this black and white teaser. She tops it all off with a full wide-angle shot in a familiar setting, showing her nice posing posture and beautiful eyes.

Tina is a great example of how foreign Playmates can make their mark on American audiences by bringing a unique mark. I think she'd be a fantastic import... (Giuliana Marino or Janine Habeck anyone?)

Consensus... B+

Tina Kovacevic
International Playmate Pictorial

An even more exotic and interesting face is that of Romanian model Andra Chiorascu. What's special about Andra is that she's very petite and a pretty small package. Not to mention that she captures the scene and she's completely beautiful. Right away, you see her gorgeous face and unique hair laid out for you. Her innocence carries through the pictorial, but it's tinged with sexuality, where she lets the audience have a dose of her ability to completely take the focus of the pictorial and deliver. Andra's little package is accentuated with great passion and her lovely eyes. I mean, look at her eyes and tell me they're not perfect. Her youth and innocence really shows in this photo, which looks really natural and cute at once.

Andra's presence is ultimately something that lots of girls have lacked here in the States for quite some time. Her engaging ability should inspire some girls of the same lineage, who are able to capture a scene without necessarily having DD breasts, to come forth and join the ranks.

Consensus... B

Andra Chiorascu
International Playmate Pictorial

If you want to take exotic to the next level, you have Katcha Novak, Miss November 2006 in the Czech Republic. Katcha is nothing like you'd see in American girls... she's alluring, refined, mysterious, and completely unique. She has a glow to her, with her interesting hair and bronzed sexiness, that can't be compared.

Katcha's fantastic butt is really her main asset when it comes to body alone. But what you'll notice is that she's different. Her hair is short, her face has noticeable cheekbones, and her eyes are small and engaging. The truth is, Katcha doesn't have to show off her nude body to show that she's an awesome Playmate. All it takes is a look. Nobody can deny that Katcha's stare wouldn't make them melt. She's something that's different. Check out Pic 08, which really caught my attention with the way she poses herself to accentuate that stare of hers. Brilliant.

After Katcha pulls back her hair, she's already pretty different. Her body immediately takes centerstage, since her hair removes the volume of her face and the centerpiece of the previous pictures. She looks like a completely different girl, and her breasts don't do her justice. But when she flashes that look, it's classic Katcha all over again. Indeed, Katcha's got a classic zeal to her, like the great pin-ups of the 40's and 50's.

Katcha is what dreams are made of. Exotic dreams where the sex partner is saucy and kinky, and out-of-this-world. Her fantasy looks and movie star curves are something I'd love to see a lot more of. In fact, Playboy, bring Tina, Andra, and Katcha ALL to America! There's my two cents.

Consensus... A-

Katcha Kovak
International Playmate Pictorial

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