Saturday, September 8, 2007

Playmates of the Fall

The year has been good to fans so far, wouldn't you agree? With tons of Playmates that have a unique vibe and an uncanny sense of beauty (Jayde Nicole, Heather Smith, Tyran Richard, Shannon James, Brittany Binger, Tamara Sky), there are already a plethora of girls to choose a PMOY from.

But the year still has four Playmates left, and Playboy has a knack of saving the best for last. The Fall and Winter seasons bring about the most exotic of girls, since each girl matches up with a season according to her image, overall. So what's Playboy got in store for September?

Patrice Hollis is a black beauty with a great image of her own, separating her from black Playmates of the past. Unlike Neferteri Shepherd and Nicole Narain, Patrice has a simpler look with a fuller, more voluptuous figure and large, natural breasts. Throughout her pictorial, her domesticated look and exotic, mature presence make for an interesting change.

The pictorial begins with a photo that sums up Patrice's essence. She's relaxed and sexy, and you can immediately see that she's got some unique breasts, because of the fact that they're actually real. Patrice's football segment falls flat with a weak makeup job and poor posing.

Indeed, if there's something that prevents Miss Hollis from being a better Playmate than she comes off as being, it's her off-and-on posing. Her face just doesn't look right in lots of different shots, and her body isn't always in the perfect spot for a good shot. In Pic 09, Patrice looks beautiful, sprawled out upon the bed and looking like her body was made for that sort of profile. Pic 12 also is a hit, with Patrice's great behind and amazing smile (I almost wish she smiled more often!) stealing the show. But when you take a look at the previous picture (pic 11), you wonder what happened. The photographer caught Patrice off-guard with an awkward shot across a chair, with her nostrils flared and just off-center quite a bit.

Okay, so she's no Neferteri, but Patrice has some bright spots, albeit being a mostly mediocre poser. This photo looks great, with simplicity often being her best bet. When Patrice gets back on the bed, she looks superb, with photos like this showing off her wilder side. That's the kind of action photo that she can pull off, but nothing too exotic. She slips here, with her face again being a hindrance to the photo, but recovers with a fantastic finish, showing off her sensuality by working that ass, and stripping down completely for an awesome last shot, showing off the number of curves on her golden brown body.

To sum it up, Patrice is beautiful, but often way too inconsistent for any kind of real recognition. She's obviously a part of Playboy's campaign to put a unique touch to all the girls they choose this year, but ultimately an unfortunate miss.

Consensus... B-

Patrice Hollis
Playmate of the Month Pictorial
September 2007

Another new pictorial is a preview of Miss October, Spencer Scott. She looks to be a very generic looking girl... a cute blonde with a nice smile and smooth skin. But it seems like she's got a problem with posing: she just doesn't do it! She stands in one place for almost the entire pictorial, with no dynamic movement until the end.

Spencer starts the pictorial with a strange photo theme. The schoolteacher look just isn't suited very well to Spencer.. either that or the outfit just sucks. And Spencer's awkward smile and voluptuousness doesn't help, either. It just doesn't flow, but don't worry, it gets better. Spencer continues to look awkward, but starts to strip things off. Her breasts are wonderful, and her full smile makes her look especially bright. Spencer is a pretty girl, but even when she's completely nude, you wonder what it would be like if she was a bit slimmer so that her curves would be more... well... curvy.

It's interesting towards the end, rewarding those who stuck around for the finale. As soon as Spencer turns around, her sexy butt takes centerstage. It's smooth, shiny, and perfectly flows with her long legs. She just looks really great from behind... far better than her front. Look again, and Spencer flashes a cute stare as her skirt can barely contain her am
azing ass. The last pic is promising, maybe showing some doggy-style poses that Spencer is appropriate for in her main portfolio entry.

All in all, Spencer looks disappointing, but I always reserve judgment after a preview pictorial. It just doesn't represent girls well most of the time. Spencer is obviously very beautiful, and I'm sure her curves will be "better exposed" later in the month. We'll just wait and see.

Oh, and as for reserving judgment...

Consensus... C+

Spencer Scott
Miss October 2007
Playmate Preview Pictorial

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