Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Girls Club

One of Playboy's timeless traditions is the inclusion of girl-on-girl pictorials. They've acknowledged this with their "Girl on Girl" pictorials, which have largely been uninspired and classless, especially when compared with the great girls only pictorials of all-time.

When you analyze and leaf through a pictorial with two girls, you look at completely different things... you look for interaction, and it brings out a sexuality that can't be achieved between a single girl and a camera alone. It goes a lot deeper than that.

So deprived of many new quality girl-on-girl issues lately, I came across a new entry in the Girls With Girls section... "Pictorial #7," featuring beauties Charlie Laine and Nadia Styles.

Let me just say... these two girls are fantastic. They contrast each other extremely well, and are very saucy and incredibly gorgeous from head to toe. They also have impeccable chemistry, as you'll see as you leaf through the pictorial yourself.

First thing that hit me was Pic #3, where Charlie's hair looks voluminous and gorgeous, and Nadia complements her with her brunette charm. Both girls look exotic, since Charlie's face is unique and beautiful. The next photo is perfect, with hand contact in all the right places. The girls perfectly contrast with each other, and the result is one that completely sizzles throughout.

By Photo #8, things are in full swing. The traditional "near-kiss" shot tantalizes. Both girls' parted mouths and nude curves mesh perfectly, with natural lighting falling on their bodies and creating the perfect scene.

The next series of photos goes into another phase of the girl-on-girl pictorial: the mutual pleasuring, or at least the simulation of pleasure. The girls stimulate each other and get their acting skills in line. The first photo kicks off with Nadia lightly touching her mate's breasts and flashing her sexy eyes in an inquisitive stare. The moments continue, with Nadia in a submissive position, where her awesome butt is a center of attention. Pic 11 is an interesting twist (pun intended), with playful Charlie pulling on Nadia's sexy nipple. Charlie's face is luscious in that photo... I'd love to see her as a Playmate sometime.

The hits keep on coming in the fast paced pictorial, with Pic 13 as another submissive role played by Nadia. Nadia's role in the pictorial is well adhered to, as she's the one who's being toyed with, and in this photo, it looks like it's setting up for some surefire pleasure. It continues to the next photo, where the girls make eye contact and touch hands in a super sexy moment. Photographer Mizuno does a great job of capturing the emotion in these photos, making it look like these girls really are falling for each other. The pictorial finally finishes with making contact with the audience.

The pictorial was very well-done and simple, and the two girls were excellent for each other. They touched and felt in all the right ways, and the result was very engaging. It was a pictorial that's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of dual-girl photo shoots. I just can't wait to see if either of these Playboy TV stars one day show up on centerfolds. *Crossing my fingers*

Consensus... A-

Girls With Girls #07
Charlie Laine and Nadia Styles

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