Wednesday, October 3, 2007

#22 - Gillian Bonner

Gillian Bonner was Miss April 1996, bringing on the digital age as what was probably the first software developer-Playmate. The late 90's were a golden age for Playmates, as each year delivered more and more incredible girls. The Class of 1996 included Kona Carmack, Priscilla Taylor, and the luscious Jennifer Allan. But it was this Georgia peach who took the year with grace, and undoubtedly was the best that the year had to offer, and came out on top as one of the great Playmates of the 90's.

Like the Playmates we've seen so far in the countdown, it takes a certain uncanny sense of how to work the camera to be great. Carrie, Cara, and Heidi all did it with talent and grace. What Gillian did was take Cara's unique face, Carrie's awesome sexuality, and Heidi's posing ability, and put it all into one package. Gillian immediately comes off as mature and experienced in her posing, and puts her body into positions you've never seen before. More than that, her body is realistic and unbelievable all at once. Its proportions are excellent, and her face makes you want to wonder what's going on behind those mysterious eyes. And those lips... those lips! Just watch and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Gillian's portfolio is vast, and you'll want to leaf through all of the photos to get a good picture of her amazing range. But there are plenty of classics to be picked out. Check out this photo of her crawling, and this sexy one, too. They're part of her yellow top pictorial, and one thing that immediately jumps out is her smile. It's a wide-open, lips-spread, sexual oddity of a smile. It makes appearances throughout her work, and it's one of the sexiest things ever. Gillian looks amazing in her office pictorials, wearing sheer black and looking sexual and wanting it. I've always felt one of Gillian's best photos was Pic 18, on the beach and totally nude. It conveys a sense of playfulness and carelessness that gives a different look at this working woman. Back in the office, another classic is Pic 24, one of my old faves because of the awesome expression on Gillian's face as she strips off her thong. Instant classic!! Gillian's breasts aren't anything to be snuffed, as she's got brilliant ones. Gillian's areola were large, and her boobs were plump and tangible through photos, yet looked undeniably natural.

Gillian had the ability to shift her look throughout her pictorials, like in this photo. One of her finest photos of all time is Pic 31, a simple photo with a simple smile, showing off a simply wonderful model. Her makeup, production, setting, costume, and everything else comes together in this picture. It perfectly complements this photo, which gives you the big picture of how all-around amazing this girl is. On the motorcycle in another shot, Gillian is edgy, but back on the beach, she's wistfully graceful. It's astounding how much variety and range can come out of a single model, and with Miss Bonner, the hits just kept on coming. Whether it was a closeup staredown or a kinky pose with loose lingerie, Gillian did it right every single time.

I think that most of these girls so far were very underappreciated as Playmates, like Cara, Heidi, and now Gillian. Gillian brought to Playboy one of the most consistent, productive, and out-of-this-world models ever. She had it all together with an innate charm and edginess that could satisfy any fantasy. After looking at the photos, I don't think I need to explain further why Gillian is my #22 Greatest Playmate of All Time.


Anonymous said...

Gillian is the complete package. Those office pics are simply arousing for any straight male. 10/10!

Anonymous said...

I wish she would do playmate xtra !!

LoveFemNude said...

I agree Gillian is a wonderful Playmate but 1996 was a very good year in which I like three to four ladies more than Gillian - Karin Taylor, Jennifer Allan, Kona Carmack and maybe even Ulrika Ericsson.