Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#23 - Heidi Sorenson

Heidi Sorenson was Miss July 1981, an icon in the dawn of a new era for Playboy. In the early 1980's, Playboy found Gig Gangel's style, Lisa Welch's innocence, Kim McArthur's ass, and Linda Vaughn's wisftfulness all bringing up new things to talk about. The era was the first time pubic hair was shown in full force, and the first time models were allowed to truly explore the creative landscape. But none of these girls did as much to set the standard for beauty as much as Heidi did. A Canadian sweetheart with a strong heart and artistic background, Miss Sorenson was a freshly mature model with plenty to show off.

Heidi's unbelievable quality of creativity shows in her photos flawlessly. She was incredible in finding new and revolutionary ways of posing, and using sets and props to her advantage. No Playmate before her did what she did, and very few afterwards have been able to replicate it. Heidi's ability to blend in completely with the scenery made her an incredible new talent. It can be argued that it was the photography of the times that makes Heidi so amazing even today. The photographic techniques and shadowing flaws of the past make photos of Miss Sorenson incredibly life-like and natural, not to mention a little whimsical and dreamy.

Heidi was one of the most beautiful women in Playboy history. Her hair blew in the wind, her body was bronzed and gorgeous. Heidi was way ahead of her time... look at Playmates in 1981 other than her, and then look at this photo. You'd swear that Heidi was posing twenty years later, in 2001. What I mentioned about Heidi using settings to her advantage is apparent from her "river-rinse" pictorial. It starts off with a panoramic shot, very artsy and intriguing right away. Heidi is seen completely nude and washing herself in a stream or pond. The next photo is one of the great photos in Playboy history, Pic 14 of Heidi's pictorial. Here, she's the quintessential blonde goddess, with her hair glowing through with the sun in the background, her body glistening with water, and the look on her face absolutely amazing and photogenic. The photos continue in the fields, with this one capturing that browned body. Other amazing shots include the painter, the bedsheet (a great display of an alluring set of eyes), and an outright nude shot showing off her great posing posture.

After that fantastic photo portfolio, there's no doubt Heidi Sorenson is one of the greatest Playmates ever. That's why she's my #23. Her unbelievable bleached blonde look and great talents were timeless, and still capture the essence of a Playboy model today. Even now, girls emulate the example set forth by ladies like Heidi, and she's definitely made her mark for years, although other big names of the 80's may sometimes be mentioned before her.

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LoveFemNude said...

The 80s are my favorite era for Playmates. I dote over so many ladies of that decade. What I will need a lot of time to understand is why you think Heidi stands so much above so many others among them. I of course like Heidi and I think you hit the nail by using the word 'dreamy' but there are so many other ladies who I like equally and a few even more than Heidi. If you talk about Heidi's posing ability then how can you ignore Kym Malin who I have sometimes called the Bettie Page of the 80s. Anyway this is a lovely lady in her own right and one particular full frontal nude of hers captured in the Playmate Book is etched in my memory.