Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Hits Keep On Coming

It's hard to emphasize enough how good it is to be a fan of Playboy throughout the 90's and 2000's so far. There was a lull in production for a 2-5 year period in the early part of the new millennium, but now it looks as if Playboy has its act together. What do I mean, precisely?

Well, just look again at Jo Garcia. I gave her my one and only perfect A+ on October 17th, and she's come out with three new videos since. And let me tell you, those weren't just any videos. I'd advise you to go to her page and check out, in particular, Video Two of her "Come Hither" series. Once you see it, you'll melt. Jo just lays on the bed flat and writhes and bends in sexy ways that I've never seen any girl, Playmate or Cyber Girl, ever do before. Not only that, but she's exceptional at doing what she does. I'm telling you, Jo Garcia is one of the most perfect girls I've seen in Playboy in ages... she's got a slim figure, she's very tall and supermodel-like, she has a strikingly exotic face, luscious dark hair, a nicely groomed crotch, unusually large breasts for such a skinny girl, and to top it all off, she's a textbook poser who sets the bar higher than anyone I've ever witnessed. Photos don't do Miss Garcia justice. And if she loses the CGOY award, then it will be, indeed, a true injustice.

That said, let's look towards our current Playmate of the Month, Miss November Lindsay Wagner has a dirty blonde look with plenty of attitude and edginess. Not a whole lot of things set Lindsay apart from the crowd, except for her rock hard body. Once you see her photos, it's hard to argue that Miss Wagner is one of the more athletic Playmates we've seen in a long time. And whether or not muscles are to your taste, Lindsay does it tastefully and does it right... for the most part.

Lindsay takes on lots of looks throughout her Playmate portfolio pictorial. The most potent of which is the kickboxer. Lindsay looks oiled up in these shots, and strips down slowly, exposing her picture-perfect tone. Pic 4 is a good starter, showing Lindsay's total package of a piercingly sexy look and an awesome body. With those dark eyes and that pouting stare, it's easy to say that Lindsay is a winner. And she really is almost all the time. Here's one thing she does great: slip down those panties in a sexual downward-looking pose.

In the bedroom, Lindsay loses some of that edginess, but gains some playfulness that she lacked earlier. This pic is cute and suggestive, with that smile cracking the aura of toughness that she has in her gym photos. Still, to use Lindsay in a submissive role wouldn't cater to her strength, which is as a rough and tough young girl. That stare can't be compared to, and it's really what she does best. Again, Lindsay and those panties are a great match. She does the shot so well because of how her abs just look tough and her body is statuesque. Pic 14 shows a little that crosses the line for my tastes, as Lindsay looks almost masculine in her toughness, with bulging biceps that almost look too toned. Lindsay then goes back out of her element, being playful and getting frisky on the bed. Her partial grin is wholesome and bright, and although she's not at her best, it's obvious that she's proving that she is Playmate material.

Those blonde locks of tied-up hair, that glistening, sweaty body, and those gorgeous dark eyes make Lindsay a great Miss November, albeit a little too athletic at times. What a year it's been... it finally seems like Playboy is getting it. Putting in generic blondes was a thing of the past. Now, they've found a formula where they actually can find unique blondes!!!! Who thought that you can easily pick apart and recognize these platinum-haired beauties, and make them so unique that they could be in PMOY contention? But it's true, Playboy might have done it. 2007 is almost over, and it's been a pleasure so far. With blonde lovelies like Heather Rene Smith, Shannon James, Tiffany Selby, Spencer Scott, and now Lindsay Wagner, how they managed to pick blondes that stood out from the crowd is beyond me.

Consensus... B+

Lindsay Wagner
Miss November 2006

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Luke said...

One of my all time favorites!!!! Lindsay Elizabeth