Monday, October 1, 2007

#25 - Carrie Westcott

Carrie Westcott was Miss September 1993, in a year when stars like Echo Johnson and Jenny McCarthy got their starts. But it was Carrie whose dynamic presence really ushered in a new era of grittiness and heavy sexuality in the Playboy world. The early 90's were dotted with stars like Barbara Moore, Anna Nicole Smith, and Suzi Simpson, but Carrie sticks out among them all.

Carrie's significant height (5' 8") and perfect proportions (34-24-34) were easily visible anytime she got in front of the camera. Most of all, however, her pictorials are varied and full of dynamic zeal throughout each photo. She never looks the same in any two photos, and she has so many facets to the character she creates, it's astounding.

One of Carrie's classic shots is the raincoat. Simple, yet Carrie flashes her signature cocked-eyebrow stare at the audience. Let me tell you, nobody's better at looking lean and mean like Carrie. Carrie, indeed, did have very natural breasts. They weren't large by any means, but they were substantial. She flashed her cute smile from time to time, breaking the trend and mixing things up. On full display, Carrie's lightly steamed body is a sight for sore eyes. But Carrie's best photos are there when she's just playing around, being sexy and edgy, like in her classic lingerie strip-tease here and here.

It's no mystery what makes Carrie my #25 Greatest Playmate of All Time. It's a combination of all the things that put her into one sexy package. She was a Playmate with some of the best variety of any girl out there, and she was a staple of the 1990's that could have, and should have contended for a Playmate of the Year spot. We love you, Carrie.

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LoveFemNude said...

Carrie is not someone I would have expected or placed in the top 25 ( indeed its the other Carrie - Stevens that I would have picked much before ) but she's definitely not a bad pick. Your comments about her bringing dynamism to posing are spot on. She also really sizzles in videos. I would call her extremely sexy but there are other Playmates who are more beautiful than her.