Monday, October 1, 2007

The Countdown Begins

I just want to announce a new feature that I'm about to start here on PlayboyCritic...

Playboy's Top 25 Playmates of All Time!

Now, this will mostly be concentrating on girls within the more recent years, but takes into account models since the early 1970s. It basically concentrates on the impact that the models have made on the Playboy community, and the overall beauty and posing abilities of the girls. It's a very subjective ranking by myself, but it's also a way to break the mold of traditional Playmate rankings, by giving each one a fairer chance. Heck, you might even see some ladies that you hadn't heard from in a while!

So every once in a while, I'll post an entire entry dedicated to one Playmate, counting down from #25 to #1, and going through classic photos that won them the spot among the Playboy ELITE.

It should be interesting...

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