Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tea for Two

So one could easily look into the Playboy world and see the influence the magazine has over Europe, uncovering some of the most beautiful in the world through the pages of Playboy Germany, Slovenia, Romania... the list goes on. But we seldom think about the ladies across the pond who speak English with that sexy accent and have that certain dose of class and candor that American girls simply can't reproduce.

Yet when we think about British babes, we can't develop a clear picture of what they're all about. Busty? Maybe. Sexual? Sometimes. But wait 'til you see this week's spicy duo, courtesy of the Cyber Club.

When I saw that British bombshells Emily Dean and Louise Glover were going to do a photo shoot together, I waited in anticipation for another week, knowing that what we'd get would be fireworks that would really give us a classic pictorial. And I was right.

That's mostly because Louise Glover is one of the hottest girls ever to be in Playboy. She is utterly stunning, and her body is to die for. It's thick, juicy, and her face is gorgeous. She always looks edgy but soft to the touch, and only Louise could do the things she does. Combined with busty blonde Emily Dean, she delivers a really memorable performance in Girls With Girls #13. The two girls have incredible chemistry, while not getting too over the top and messing up the subtlety that endears itself to sexuality through every single shot. Let's take a look, shall we?

The two girls start off clothed, then start to lock lips while dressed in their sexy matching bras and panties. They're dressed up in lacy nothings with red trim that really match up with their gentle nature and contrast their smooth approach to each other. This shot shows off a veritable "69" position between the girls breasts, where each sucks on the other's. It's a massively sensual and incredibly detailed and intimate, giving off a sense of just how soft and supple their bodies really are. Not only that, but Louise and Emily don't go full-on with any of their approaches, instead taking a cautious approach to their girl-on-girl love fest. And if you think either girl takes overwhelming charge of the photo shoot, Emily proves you wrong by shooting off a fantasy look at the camera with her piercing hazel eyes leaving a lasting image. I didn't know it from the limited exposure she's had in the Americas, but Emily Dean is a momentous talent. Her body can match Louise's part-by-part, which is in no way easy. Not to mention that she contributes without being just a passive prop. Many a time, a duo can have a leading lady and have another one there just to be there, but this duo is spectacular. It's saucy too, with Louise biting some underwear off, before the girls engage in very close and candid shots.

Even if their kisses aren't overly convincing, these girls have bodies that could make anyone excited. As their breasts squeeze against each other and they embrace in a dreamy pose, you could notice that these girls have bodies like puzzle pieces: every curve on one girl fits every curve on the other, as if they were meant to be touching. The pictorial culminates in a climactic shot with the girls sharing a natural moment, followed by an incredible close-up shot by newcomer Byron Newman, detailing the similarities and intricacies in the girls' massive breasts.

What a wonderful pictorial to break the monotony of recent material released by Playboy. In addition to the lovely pictorial of Slovenia's celebrity-Playmate Sanja Grohar (whom you should definitely check out), this great girl-on-girl feature is almost perfect, and may be the best multi-model pictorial in years. Kudos to the great job by Mr. Newman, and the selection of such amazing models. I hope both Louise and Emily keep on doing what they do so well, because they are simply too good for words.

Consensus... A

Emily Dean and Louise Glover
Girls With Girls #13

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