Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cyber Girl of the Year: Revealed

Yes I know, Cyber Girl of the Year doesn't get announced until March 31st, according to this announcement on the Cyber Club's "coming soon" page:

Well, through a bit of investigation by Playboy's loyal members of their Message Boards, some folks have done some research, and it's been revealed whose photo this is. It was tricky, and the folks at Playboy didn't make this little morsel a part of a future pictorial of the Cyber Girl of the Year, but instead took it from an older, but rather hidden, pictorial:

That's right, it's part of Jo Garcia's "Employee of the Month" pictorial, where she got her start for audiences! That's right,


As you already know if you read my blog, I chose Jo Garcia as my favorite candidate for the year's best Cyber Girl. Not only that, but so far Jo is the only girl, since my blog was started, to achieve an A+ rating from me, on October 12th of last year.

In recent months, I wasn't so sure that Jo was necessarily the clear frontrunner. In fact, polls in the Cyber Club in early February showed Jo coming in 3rd in single choice polling, and only conceded in early March, where Jo moved up to the 2nd place spot by a small margin. Indeed, Jennifer Hurt was a major fan favorite, and there is a group of devoted fans who propelled her into greatness with almost a quarter of the Message Board votes.

Through all of that, Jo proved her mettle... Jo really was the CGOY all along. It's obvious to think about it that way. Jennifer Hurt or Jillian Beyor are great, but they're just pretty girls. Many Playboy girls are pretty girls. On the other hand, you have all-time greats like Miss Garcia. Jo is arguably one of the best girls Playboy has ever taken photos of. To skip her over would have meant that another girl just like her would never have come by again, and that would have been a major mistake. They didn't take any risks this time, and we're going to see an entire year of amazing pictorials from Jo herself.

After coming off a bland and down year of Breann McGregor, one thing I realized is that Cyber Girl of the Year is an extremely crucial title in this day and age. By that, I mean that we get TONS of photos of this lucky girl, who works hard to give us a feature month-by-month. Since the lovely Monica Leigh, we've been getting that kind of format, and you just can't have even slightly mediocre girls getting this award, because you need to have loads of talent and depth to carry on for an entire year.

Jo IS that kind of girl.

She has unbelievable depth and talent, as you can see from any of her videos. She knows how to pose like it's her God-given gift, and she does it with poise and ease. It'll be a pleasure to look forward to her each and every month, and so I salute Playboy for choosing such a radiant, unique model. Kudos!

So in the meantime, we'll look forward to the end of the month and Jo's official coronation as 2008 CGOY. What a day that'll be! In the meantime, check out the other current happenings:
  • Trina Marie, March CGOM, is having a slow start, but good things lie ahead
  • Magen Lugo, March Coed of the Month, is also a little cold with her first two features, but she's got the talent to make a major splash for the first time a COTM has in a while
  • Janine Habeck, in her Playmate Xtra pictorials, is looking absolutely stunning; even better than she looked in her original pictorial... check out her Week 2 videos, they're breathtaking!
  • Regina Deutinger, another German Playmate (in Miss Habeck's footsteps), and the upcoming Miss April 2008, looks great in her Playmate Preview pictorial, and might just surprise us to no end, come April
  • Oh, and did I mention Jo Garcia is our next CYBER GIRL OF THE YEAR!? I might've forgotten to...

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