Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playmate Sneak Peek

Since I'm doing this blog, I'm going to be here to help you all get a sneak peek into future Playmates. As I wrote in my post yesterday, Playboy's Playmates are often speculated about, since it definitely is a high and exclusive post to hold, and it is very tough to make it in. Well, the names I dropped yesterday can be substantiated with some sexy evidence...

I've got an optimistic view of 2008 all of a sudden. Sandra Nilsson and Michelle McLaughlin were cute but a little flat before Ida Ljungqvist made a splash with her awesome proportions and unique looks. Regina Deutinger of April also seems to be really promising, so we'll wait and see how great she'll pan out. Things are certainly picking up, though.

Check out this video:

It's a great insight from the "Girls Next Door" show on E! Although I don't keep up with that much, this is a great tidbit on the selection process and some future Playmates of 2008, especially Valerie Mason. Valerie sure looks HOT! Check out her MySpace page for more photos. It looks as if Valerie is locked as a Playmate in the not-too-distant future. As AJ Alexander is confirmed to be Miss May (check out AJ's MySpace here), she'll have to wait at least two months. In addition, the video gives rise to the confirmation that Kayla Collins is a future Playmate, as well. Check out her personal page right here.

Valerie looks like one hell of a Playmate candidate. Boy, is she sizzling. Look over her MySpace pictures, and you'll notice that she's got a very unique, sort of dark look that suits her excellently. Although she made some changes to her eye color and skin hue (as referenced in the video), she will definitely be a gorgeous Playmate with her brunette style (as long as that doesn't change, I'll be a happy camper).

AJ looks beautiful, as well, although some of her photos indicate she's a bit slim and "model-looking." There's nothing wrong with not having as natural a look, but I should wait to pass judgment on AJ before seeing her photos in a matter of weeks. Kayla is a bit of a mystery so far, as there's only a little bit of footage on the video and only a couple photos on her MySpace. We'll keep a close watch on all these ladies.

All in all, it's looking like a great future for the year 2008. If these trends keep up, we're looking at an excellent class... perhaps the best in several years! Valerie, Ida, AJ, and Kayla can make up a strong backbone in the class, and can fuel a serious, competitive race for PMOY. Stay tuned.


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