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Spring is a wonderful season, and historically has been a great time for Playboy's best to shine. It's the time when some of the best Playmates of the Month in history have been featured, and it is, of course, the great time of year when Playmate of the Year and Cyber Girl of the Year selections are made.

This year, though, with all the great recent influx of talent pouring into Playboy, it's no wonder that Playmates simply can't bear all the best all the time. There are simply too many beautiful girls who are interested in posing for the magazine. But now, we see that effect finally impacting the quality of Cyber Girls, with a Cyber Girl of the Year with tons of true potential: Jo Garcia.

Yes, it's official, Jo Garcia is Cyber Girl of the Year 2008. I've raved before and went on and on about how Jo is one of the greatest talents Playboy has seen in the past decade, and I'll stand by that. Her CGOY pictorial made its debut today, and it surely is the start of a fantastic year of naked heaven.

In her inaugural set of photos, Jo is, as always, sultry and dynamic. She never just takes the passive "stand and pose" routine, but always has something to say with her photos. She's always saucy, always aggressive. Jo hasn't gone unnatural on us by changing her breast size (something that upgraded Playboy winners are certainly prone to do), but instead just grew some pubic hair, which isn't a bad idea, giving her a more natural look. Her first pictorial shows her with a cute fishnet top, showering beachside. I didn't think the pictorial played to her strengths so well, but she does look very radiant and piercing as she did in all her pictorials earlier. After her shower, she climbs among the rocks, then takes a sexy stroll on the beach. This outstanding panorama shot is an almost glowing portrayal of her engaging skin tone and her sexy height. The end of the pictorial is somewhat of an ode to 2003's amazing CGOY, Merritt Cabal, because of the dimly lit beach theme.

All in all, a promising start for Jo. It didn't play to her strengths as well as I would have hoped, but we've still got 11 more pictorials to set our sights on. Jo is bound to be perhaps the most creative Cyber Girl ever. One of the biggest challenges to producing a full 12-month pictorial set is variety and keeping things interesting, something that the first two trials, Monica Leigh and Breann McGregor, weren't able to do very well. Jo, however, arguably has far more posing talent than those two ladies, so things are looking up for the new CGOY!

Consensus... B

Jo Garcia
Cyber Girl of the Year 2008

Pictorial #1

While the reign of a current CGOY is just beginning, a successful bid for the position of CGOY 2009 has just ended with every single expectation met. Trina Marie just finished her last week as March's Cyber Girl of the Month, and exited with a huge bang.

If you still haven't seen Trina's week four videos, watch them before you read on. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to understand my praise for this young hottie. Trina, from day one, gave me a fantastic impression that she was going to be a star. Back in November 2007, her Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial came out, and I raved about it in my "Rising Star in the Spotlight" article, talking about how much potential she's got, and that she gave us perhaps the greatest CGOW pictorial ever.

Well, compare that and her audition footage to her current pictorials, and you can see a noticeable change. Throughout all the weeks, Trina has done an incredible job of showing just how hot she can get. How about a week-by-week recap:

Week 1: Trina started off a bit cold here, but still looked beautiful and radiant with her lovely eyes and hair. Trina has one heck of a cute face, and her natural posing ability shone. Still, not a great strip tease and a pretty unoriginal set of photos.

Week 2: After being apprehensive with the first week, I was afraid that Trina's talent wouldn't pan out. I had nothing to worry about, come week 2. The pictorial is all over the map, and her poses are so varied that she wows with every single move. Laying flat and flashing that HOT smile; I haven't seen someone so naturally talented and effortlessly sexy in a while. The pictorial then gets wild and playfully kinky, with Trina stripping off that underwear. As she went on, this was a shot that really did it for me, in the video as well. Very simple and natural, but showing off her excellent curviness and very unique face. This laying down shot was also a great one, showing off an air of elegance. That's juxtaposed with this frazzled and wild shot with Trina on her knees, a real hot one. She just looks so versatile from this pictorial, it's amazing.

Week 3: The pictorial in Week 3 didn't really convey the message here, but the video definitely did, so make sure to check that out. Still, Trina's hot highlighted hair and a steamy, effortless shower scene round it all out. Especially in the video, her profile is truly spectacular in the shower for some reason, and she hits all the right poses, so see that to find out just how awesome this pictorial was.

Week 4: A set of videos, so I can't really link to anything, but a definite must see! The first video has Trina climb up on her dresser and carefully strip off a sexy set of pink lingerie that complements her body type flawlessly. Throughout, she poses like an experienced veteran, hitting all the right spots, looking innocently at the camera, and putting on an overall unforgettable performance. In the second video, Trina is also out of this world, writhing in her bed like Jo Garcia in her final CGOM performance. It's sultry and awesome.

We've seen our little Trina grow up before our eyes in these last couple of pictorials, and you can see the progression. Week 1 starts off a bit cold and timid, unsure of what she is to do with herself. Then, week 4's videos show a model who is ultimately very comfortable in the nude, and knows how to use the atmosphere, setting, and costume to achieve a very memorable pictorial. Trina has worked hard enough to become a true early frontrunner for 2009's Cyber Girl of the Year, and even with only three months gone out of the year, she will be extremely tough to beat, barring yet another revolutionary Cyber Girl.

Consensus... A

Trina Marie
March 2008
Cyber Girl of the Month

Weeks 1-4

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